WATCH: Crime thriller Smaller and Smaller Circles has released companion clips on Youtube

It’s been almost a week since the novel-turned-film Smaller and Smaller Circles hit the big screen and it has introduced a new, dark dimension to Philippine crime cinema. Having the familiar backdrop of Manila streets and cityscapes as the setting for a serial killer hunt is sure to make movie-goers even more uneasy, given that they can recognize not just locations, but even the energies being communicated within the film. F.H. Batacan’s writing was translated almost flawlessly to the big screen with how the city was painted to feel almost dark and alive–Director Raya Martin made sure of this with her muted light, often cramped shots, and the plays on nerve-wracking silence that seems alien within the bustle of city.

With the film almost a week into theaters, many a film enthusiast spent nearly the entire 2 hours on the edge of their seats. The film’s fantastic storytelling left many wanting more, and that’s exactly what’s in store for those hooked on this Manila-centered crime thriller! TBA Studios, the team behind the film, released 5 videos, each of which is a small profile on one of the victims in the film. This is an extra treat for fans and for those who still haven’t had enough of the thrill.

Each profile is narrated by Joanna Bonifacio, the eager reporter, and supplemented by interviews with each boy’s family. Not only is it a clever promotion strategy, but it’s an exciting bonus, too. Though these episodes are short, they create enough hype for the film and continue to build on how real and familiar the story feels.

Not only do they build on Joanna’s character and shape her to be someone who is very driven by her career, they also add a very personal dimension to the victims, the characters we know very little throughout the film but are ultimately a very powerful driving force behind it. It’s a great reminder of the stakes involved and how the families of these boys are affected beyond their interactions with the police and the team conducting the investigation.

Watch the first episode here:

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