WATCH: The Craziest Treatment for Back and Neck Pain in the Metro

Do you suffer from back pain and/or neck pain? Our Founder Vince Golangco has major neck pains – spondylosis, to be exact. Spondylosis refers to degenerative changes in the spine, such as bone spurs and degenerating intervertebral discs between the vertebrae. So far, he has tried a bunch of ways to alleviate the pain. He went to chiropractors and tried physical therapy and massages, but the pain did not go away.

Fortunately, Vince was able to find an old friend who knew the only guy in the Philippines qualified to help him out: an osteopath who had special training in Japan. The treatment he used is called the Dynamic Cervical Traction treatment. Check it out here:

(Disclaimer: Do not try this at home. Please seek consultation from a professional / medical doctor for your own safety.)

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