WATCH: Christopher Quimbo Fanboying Over Fiancée Alodia Gosiengfiao Is Everything

During the Preview Ball 2022, we spotted Alodia Gosiengfiao and her fiancé Christopher Quimbo on the red carpet. While waiting for our turn to interview them, I noticed how supportive Quimbo was while other media outlets took photos and interviewed Alodia.

After taking their photos together, Quimbo stepped aside so the press could take solo pictures of Alodia in her creative formal attire. Before posing to the cameras with her Philippine flag-inspired headpiece, the cosplayer asked her beau to hold her purse. The gentleman agreed to take care of her bag, of course, and then moved away from the frame.

As the cameras took photos of Gosiengfiao, the president of one of the biggest wineries in the Philippines also captured the moment on his phone. Watch the super kilig moment below!

We recall that Alodia revealed her new boyfriend in April and announced their engagement in July.


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