WATCH: CCTV Footage Shows Attempts of Robbing a Heavily Tinted SUV

There’s always that constant reminder about not leaving valuables inside our vehicles. It’s fairly reasonable simply because, in this day and age, it’s always best to be careful.

Though some of us might take solace in having heavily tinted windows, this CCTV footage shows that even such instances are not spared.

This video posted by Kristel Valino shows a man expertly opening the SUV’s window to get her valuables inside. This was her caption:


Earlier this evening while I was still in the office, guard called and asked me to move my car because someone’s going out and my car was blocking the driveway. So I decided to park outside in front of a bank since I’m also about to go home. At around 7:02 pm just 2 minutes before I got down, some criminal with a master’s degree in robbery broke into my car so easily! Call me dumb but I forgot I left my dslr inside the car because I was about to bring it in a repair shop. Thing is my car had a SUPER DARK tint, interior was all black and the camera itself was also black! Police refer to them as ‘matang pusa’. When we got in the police station, we found out that this was the second incident of ‘basag kotse’ reported to them within 2 weeks. Probably because Christmas is nearing? I would still call myself lucky coz what if I went down 2 minutes earlier right at the exact moment the incident was happening. Bottom line is, NEVER LEAVE ANY VALUABLES INSIDE A CAR EVEN IF IT’S JUST A MINUTE OR A MILLISECOND AND ALWAYS CHOOSE A SAFE PARKING. This incident happened along Taft Avenue.

Always be careful and vigilant out there, you guys! It’s always best to be prepared and safe than sorry.

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