WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Talks About Street Food in Manila

The rebel chef, Anthony Bourdain, is back in the Philippines!

He is here and he talked about street food at the World Street Food Congress (WSFC) 2017.

During his talk, which served the ending of Day 2 of the WSFC 2017 on June 1, Anthony talked about the significance of culture and street food. He also mentioned his plans of opening up his street food market, Bourdain Market, in New York.

“That’s how we got to these dishes. I often say that wealthy cultures that have been lucky and fortunate and prosperous generally don’t cook very well because they never had to. It’s the cultures that had to struggle and make the most of what little they have who have over time learned to make wonderful things out of, well, all the things that I love and most of my chef friends love,” Anthony said.

On his talk, he also praised Singapore’s hawker markets for being a solution to preserving the culture and to keeping with sanitary requirements.

Watch his talk below as posted on Department of Tourism Facebook page.


Do you agree with him? What street foods are you fond of?