WATCH: Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff’s Wedding Video Is So Worth The Wait

Long-time couple (and one of our OTPs) Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff finally got married at a beautiful ceremony in Queenstown, New Zealand, and we could not be any happier for them!

Anne Curtis Erwan Heussaff Wedding Video

As fans will remember, however, details about the big day were kept super private, with only bits and pieces of rumors to pick up from. Even the location was kept low-key, with guests only confirming the rumors after celebrities posted photos of their flight and of the welcoming party in New Zealand. It’s understandable that Erwan and Anne would want to reserve such a special moment for their family and friends.

Fans need not worry now, however, famed wedding videographer Jason Magbanua just released the wedding film of Anne and Erwan, so the public can finally gain more insight (20 minutes of it, to be exact) on what went on during the wedding.

And what must be a Jason Magbanua signature at this point, the video is accompanied by a moving original song, “One” by Rizza Cabrera.

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