WATCH: Andrew Garfield Proves Love Conquers All In Emotional “Breathe” Trailer

Beautiful and tear-jerking love stories will always have a place in our cinemas, especially when it’s based on true events.

Prepare the boxes of tissues because it’s going to be a cry fest in cinemas this October.

Andrew Garfield stars alongside Claire Foy in Breathe, a biographical film about Robin Cavendish, a pioneer advocate for the disabled.

Breathe follows Robin, who was tragically paralyzed by polio at 23 years old and was given three months to live. Despite these circumstances, Robin and his wife, Diana, fought to be together even if his own body was a hindrance.

They pushed the limits of nature and would ultimately pave the way for other polio victims to experience a better life than what health care at the time could offer.

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Robin Cavendish ultimately became one of the longest-living polio survivors in Great Britain.

Check out the heart warming trailer below:

It’s a really beautiful story of how love triumphs over all odds. What’s exciting is the real emotion that’s rooted in the real story of Robin and Diana–especially with Robin’s son producing it.

Breathe is set to premiere in cinemas this October.

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