Want to Send Food to a Loved One? Order via GrabFood Signatures to Get a P60 Discount and 600 Reward Points

Missing your family, besties, or your SO now that the holidays are just around the corner? Don’t let the quarantine restrictions stop you from letting your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. Why not show them how much you miss them by sending delicious, comforting food right to their doorstep? We can’t think of a better way to surprise someone, tbh!

Showing someone you care for them even when you’re far away is as easy as going on the GrabFood app. This Christmas Season, Grab is inviting you to PADALOVE your loved ones’ favorite holiday food and have it sent right to their homes. Order from GrabFood Signatures brands and use the promo code SIGNATURES to get a P60 discount on your order, plus 600 Grab reward points!

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GrabFood Signatures brands are beloved restaurants that are handpicked for the GrabFood app. With over 40 of these premium restaurants on GrabFood Signatures, you’ll surely find the perfect food to satisfy your and your loved ones’ cravings no matter the mood or celebration.

Need recommendations? Here are some crowd-favorite GrabFood Signatures items to try so you can PADALOVE them to your loved ones this holiday season!

Garden of Eden from Angel’s Pizza

GrabFood Signatures Angels Pizza

Love a bountiful pizza? Angel’s Pizza describes Garden of Eden as a “veggie-lover’s dream.” Topped with zucchini, eggplant, red bell pepper, mushroom, garlic, white onion, and basil leaves, the brand says that this pizza is so good, even non-veggie people will go crazy for it.

Beef Special Chelo Kabab from Mister Kabab

GrabFood Signatures Mister Kabab

Mister Kabab is a constant favorite among those who love Middle Eastern food in Manila, and this Beef Special Chelo Kabab is one of its best offerings. A combination of flavorful chelo, beef kebab, and a side of grilled tomatoes, your loved one will surely enjoy receiving this.

Doc Sisig from Recovery Food

GrabFood Signatures Recovery Food

There’s a reason why this restaurant is called Recovery Food. Its food simply does the job of restoring any weary, hungry soul! And as far as Pinoy comfort food goes, sisig is definitely high up that list, especially Recovery Food’s Doc Sisig. Send this to your bestie if they need help recovering from a bad day!

Kori Kohi from UCC

GrabFood Signatures UCC

Is your mom, dad or SO a huge coffee lover? Instead of sending over food, you can send them UCC’s famous Kori Kohi instead. Kori Kohi is made up of iced coffee cubes and warm milk that you pour over the coffee cubes to help them melt slowly and mix deliciously with your milk. Perfect for that instant energy and mood boost, but with a fancy twist.

Toasted Siopao from Lola Nena’s

GrabFood Signatures Lola Nenas

With treats created from one family’s personal recipes, getting a box from Lola Nena’s is like getting a big, warm, nostalgic hug. One of its best-sellers is the Toasted Siopao, which is siopao that’s baked rather than steamed. Inside these soft, golden-brown buns, you’ll find pork, hard-boiled egg, and a little bit of spice—a recipe that patrons love and come back for.

Pad Thai from Thai Mango

GrabFood Signatures Thai Mango

You’ll find cuisines from all over the world on GrabFood Signatures, and if your loved one is a Thai food fan, you should definitely get Thai Mango’s Pad Thai for them. With the abundance of everything to love in a good Pad Thai, Thai Mango’s take on the dish will make you feel like you’re back in the streets of Bangkok again.

GrabFood Signatures App

Make your loved ones smile this holiday season. Mag-PADALOVE through GrabFood Signatures and enjoy P60 off and 600 reward points when you use the promo code SIGNATURES upon checkout! Find these six featured dishes and more GrabFood Signatures items on the GrabFood app.

Which GrabFood Signatures item will you PADALOVE today?


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