Want to Market Your Business With Php 0? It’s Possible! Read to Find Out How

One of the common problems of starting entrepreneurs is getting your brand out there. Sure, hiring an influencer or buying a space on a billboard can prove to be effective for some. But those things cost money. Lots of money! And for some business owners who are just beginning, the budget is tight. What if I told you that it’s possible to market your brand without spending anything? Nicsman Tay (Chief Executive Officer & Founder of BrandSight Digital Sdn Bhd) weighs in on how to do that. Read on to know his tips.

Nicsman says you have to remember the 4 Cs. Here are the things you can do to market your brand.

4. Clout

One of the first things you should do is to fix your business profile. Get a decent profile picture, add a description on your “about me” section, and show what you do. More people will likely do business with a brand that has an enticing social media profile or website. The key is to make people trust and remember you.

3. Connect

Once you get you’re satisfied with your social media profile, it’s time to get to know your potential customers. Nicsman recommends encouraging friends and friends of friends to like your page.

Another way to find your target market is to find a Facebook event that is related to your brand and look at the attendees as your potential customers. For example, you’re selling band shirts. What you have to do is go to a Facebook event page of a rock concert, check out the list of people who clicked “going” and invite them to like your page.

2. Communicate


Another important thing aside from the likes and shares on your post is engagement. Interact with your customers and reply to their comments. Aside from making your customers feel more secure, it will also help bump up your post to the top.

1. Convert

Last but not least is to convert your Facebook friends into paying customers. According to Nicsman, one technique that he uses is by making your potential customers curious. One way to do that is by asking people if they’re experiencing a certain problem that your product can solve. After that, introduce your product as a solution to their problems!

If you think these tips are useful, then you should check out the Facebook page of Philippines Social Media Week for more marketing hacks. Check them out below.

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