Want to get this dessert called ‘adult cream pie?’ You can get it in this resto

When I first heard about it, this dessert made me take a second look.

Come January 15, you can grab this dessert called Otona no Cream Pie, which translates to “Adult Cream Pie,” from McDonald’s Japan.

They posted the announcement on Twitter.

(Rough translation: 150 yen for a limited time, new sweets on sale. Chocolate cream using Belgian chocolate and balanced sweet and salty cream cheese.)

Apparently, the word “otona” is commonly used in Japanese sweets to describe products that are less sweet than regular brands. It also pertains to a sense of high-quality and refined flavor.

However, the combination of the adult and cream pie definitely got a lot of people’s attention. Most were inquiring if the company consulted with native English speakers.

Along with the announcement, the adult cream pie dessert came with an ad that feels like it has some double entendre.

In the ad, a young woman (Sairi Ito) asks an older woman (Yoko Maki from The Grudge), who’s referred to as both “sensei” (“teacher”) and “senpai” (“senior“), “That cream pie, is it really that delicious?” She holds the younger woman’s face in both hands and answers, “If you eat it once, you’ll be filled.

Together, they jump in a cab, asking the driver to take them to the nearest McDonald’s, where they’ll no doubt be ordering the Adult Cream Pie. The pie will be sold at 150 yen (Php 70) per piece. It will be available in two flavors – Belgian Chocolate and Sweet Fromage.

So, if ever you’re in Japan, will you be trying the Adult Cream Pie?

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