VxG Leather Co: Bags That Are Worth Your Support

Photos by Nicko Potian and Rojean Cunanan

You’re looking for good everyday bags; and this time, you don’t wanna play a part in middle-class consumerism by buying a bag from big corporates. You want something that is thoughtfully made with poured-down creativity. You like the simple joy of saying a personal “thank you” to the makers upon your purchase. Babe, you can find all of this at VxG Leather Co.

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Photo by Nicko Potian | IG @cnpotch

VxG Leather Co. is a Filipino owned start-up independent line of bags committed to producing products with minimalist designs that strike the balance between function and elegance. They know they have the right designs when there is nothing left to be removed. They are starting to gain a place in the small business scale of bags as it is getting noticed and adored by several showbiz personalities.

Like all pretty things, they have a beautiful story. VxG Leather & Co. is owned by a lovely couple, Vito and Gin San Diego. It started out with Gin selling her bag collection on Facebook and it selling out in just two hours. From there, they got the idea to try to venture into a bag business. Next thing they knew, they were shipping out approximately 10 bags/week. They know they are not at the top yet, but they appreciate the journey of growing their business from the ground up. VxG bags are done with so much passion from the makers, and with it, their dreams.


VxG is also committed to bringing customer transactions a sense of neighborliness. The sellers are people you can talk to, laugh a little with, and say thank you to. This gives value to human touch, which seldom happens in today’s world full of bots.

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Vantage II – Php1,799


Pau – Php1,249


Betty – Php1,199


Mago – Php1,249

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Rio – Php1,299

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Maru – Php1,299


Media personalities are sealing their OOTDs with VxG bags, too. Aside from the bags’ chic style, their functionality, roomy space, and inner pockets can take them from day to night as seen on these celebrities:

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Valuing human touch, the sellers Mr. and Mrs. San Diego take customer service to a much higher level. Aside from offering COD and free shipping (yaaaaaay!), they also properly value after-purchase relationships by entertaining feedback and followup questions.

So, the next time you’re looking for bags, make sure to check out VxG.

VxG Leather Co.

Viber: 09275871519

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vxg.leatherco

Instagram: @vxg.leatherco