Vote Counting Machines Break Down As Early As 7:30am

As the Philippines start the 2022 National Elections, many voters are sharing their experiences online.

Dubbed one of the most historical and important elections in the Philippines’ history, the 2022 National Elections seemed to start with hiccups as vote-counting machines stopped working in different cities and precincts.


In some precincts of Quezon City and Marikina, voters have been complaining that vote-counting machines have stopped working as early as 7:30 am. Voters complain that they have cast their votes early so they can go to work today. Some precincts offered that the voter leave their marked ballots to a COMELEC officer who will then be in charge of feeding their ballots into an available and working vote-counting machine.

According to COMELEC’s Voter reminders, you should be the one to feed your ballots into the vote-counting machines and check the receipt afterward.


You can also report election offenses to the PNP (Philippine National Police), to your local COMELEC office, or via COMELEC online through