Virtue Art Cafe: Craft Your Ideal Event in Quezon City

Joyous celebrations always abound in the Metro: family gatherings, office parties, barkada gimiks… the list goes on. That is why you should have a venue in mind that you can reserve before establishments get fully booked, especially this holiday season. 

There are a lot of hotel function halls and events places out there; but if you are looking for a more private and intimate spot, there’s one underrated fine-dining restaurant in Quezon City called Virtue Art Cafe that you should check out.

You’ll be surprised that Virtue Art Cafe is located within a village (PhilAm Homes, Quezon City, to be exact!). It’s an ancestral home turned into a private fine dining restaurant. However, they don’t do walk-ins; you have to reserve at least two days before. That’s the beauty of it: when you dine, you’ll be booking the entire night all to yourselves. With that in mind, its serenity and exclusivity make it an ideal setting for a hearty reunion.

Owners Thalia and Job want to provide an ambiance like no other and they do this by actualizing their customers’ ideal night. From the table setup to the menu items, it’s up to you to decide what you like!

Curated Fine Dining is the concept that they want to achieve. Each guest that books at Virtue Art Cafe can personalize their menu – be it degustation (course meals) or lauriat-style (platter for sharing). If you’re feeling like throwing an Italian night for your attendees, they’ve got you covered. 

My friends and I dined at Virtue Art Cafe and it was delightful. We let Thalia and their collab chef, Chef Marcus, surprise us with their best dishes and we were not disappointed. Upon entering, the setup was extremely beautiful – complete with candles, flowers, and even jazz music. The food served was scrumptious from the appetizers to the dessert.

To start, we had their Chicken Liver Pate. It was a match made in heaven with the toasted baguette that came along with it. Their Pumpkin Soup became one of our favorites that evening.

You’ll also enjoy their Grilled Salmon with Lychee Truffle Sauce as much as we did because it’s a true masterpiece. The salmon is cooked perfectly – a bit crispy on the outside, but very tender in the inside. This gem of the sea is beautifully-plated with the sauce that complements the fish’s umami.

Another winner in our 6-course meal was the Mango Sherbet. Creamy, delectable, and naturally sweet. This luscious fruity dessert will end your gastronomic voyage on a very nice note. 

Other Meals:

If you’re wondering how you can get a personalized fine dining event of your own, just follow these steps: 

  1. Reserve at least two days before.
  2. Plan with Thalia.
    1. State the nature of your event (Debut, Get-Together, etc.).
    2. State the table set-up you desire.
    3. State the food you wish to eat.
  3. Arrive and have a night to remember. 

*Note that prices will vary depending on the food choices and the number of people going. Remember: you’re booking the entire area. It would be best to invite many guests to maximize it.

Personally, I haven’t found a better events place to celebrate occasions. Virtue Art Cafe provides high quality and a personalized experience you can truly own. You can craft your ideal event and turn it into a reality. You could not ask for a better night.

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What are you waiting for? Book now before they’re full!  

Virtue Art Cafe

South Maya Drive, Philam Homes, Quezon City 


Instagram: @virtueartcafe