Vikings Foodfest at Vikings SM Marikina Always Makes Things Special

The lover of food and buffets in me has a soft spot for Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant. Then again, many of us feel the same way, right? Whether it’s your birthday and you get to eat for free, some other occasion that deserves a grand celebration, or even nothing special; you can be sure that from the menu to the ambiance, dining at Vikings makes things special.


Vikings now has a monthly Vikings Foodfest where all Vikings restaurants have something in store for its loyal customers, especially those who have been following Vikings over on Instagram. One of the participating restaurants is Vikings SM Marikina, located inside SM City Marikina. On a personal note, it also happened to be my first time to dine at the restaurant, so I took the opportunity to check it out and see what it has to offer.




For one, Vikings SM Marikina offers a great view of the nearby Marikina Riverbank and the lovely Riverbank area, giving the restaurant a refreshing ambiance away from the urban madness. In addition, the interiors look good and the lunch menu that day was nice, as well.




Of course, I was there for the Vikings Foodfest, though. Every Vikings Foodfest has a particular theme, and last month’s theme was yogurt, in which each Vikings restaurant had something unique to offer… with yogurt in it! For Vikings SM Marikina, what they had in store for us was an egg waffle with yogurt and a variety of fruits. It was yummy and filling to the stomach at the same time.


A lucky few people got the chance to try this unique delicacy.




With such a unique creation, I cannot wait to see what Vikings SM Marikina has in store for the next Vikings Foodfest. Till then, make sure you take the opportunity to check out the next foodfest!

Vikings Foodfest at SM Marikina

2nd level, SM City Marikina


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