Vieux Chalet Introduces “Cafe ala Rico!” Made by Sir Rico Doy: The World’s Best Waiter!



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Vieux Chalet‘s Sir Rico Doy, Best Waiter in the Galaxy!




Here’s another first from!


It is with great pleasure for Frank and I to honor and introduce to you all, a person which deserves so much recognition for his dedication throughout the years and for being the best in his chosen path!  Meet Sir  Rico Doy – The Chief waiter / Restaurant Manager of our most favorite place ever, The Vieux Chalet!


So far, our adventures have been really really special with all  the unique stuff we get to do plus the new faces we get to meet! Things are becoming better and better as the days go by. =) For this week, allow us to do our first ever people feature.


I’ve been wanting to do people features for the longest time, but it ain’t  about the usual celebrities… I’m never into showbiz.


I prefer featuring REAL people and  REAL heroes whom I think have earned our respect over the years! Frank and I have been sooo blessed for meeting such a wonderful mix of personalities!



Traveling isn’t just about physically being in a place… seeing new sites and taking hundreds of photos to be posted online… my friend, traveling  is way more that those. I remember in my recent travel talk for Belle Du Jour planners, I gave the audience some tips on how to enhance ones life through travel and one of those would be to never be afraid to meet new faces and make new friends!




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The Ultimate Foodies at their Ultimate place: The Vieux Chalet




It was such a delight to see the wonderful people at the Vieux Chalet once again!  We were so thrilled to try our their new menu and of course, we had a lot of catching up to do!


Sir Rico Doy definitely made our 1st stay so memorable! He definitely knew what he was doing! His laugh is just infectious! An expert in pairing dishes! Dedicated and hardworking! He has became such an icon that even the foreigners I got to chat with still remembers him until now!  OOoohhh such a pro! He told us about the dishes we ate and made sure all our needs were attended to! He’s also very hands-on with everything! When we started posting our article online, I learned that Sir Rico has this very good reputation with their clients based on all the feedbacks we got! We all get to meet a lot of waiters but rarely do we find someone who stands out!  Everybody seems to know him and were also very pleased! Wow! I never thought we were with a Rockstar! yey!



When we arrived weeks ago, we were touched when we saw him in the middle of the street, waiving both of his arms while saying, “Ayan na mga hinihintay ko!” We felt very welcomed =)  Thank you so much Sir!



There’s definitely no one like Sir Rico Doy!  He’s been working at the Vieux Chalet for more than 2 decades I believe. He has been such a part of the place… an “institution” indeed!




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Sir Rico Doy doing what he does best! 




We were very surprised when he told us he recently came up with his very own coffee concoction!  O_o


Honestly, I was a bit hesitant when he offered his “Cafe ala Rico!” because 1st of all, I palpitate whenever I drink coffee! huhuhu But right after the 1st sip…. OMG!!! as in OOOOOOHHH Maaahshhhhh GAAAWD!! I don’t care if I die!! lols



Sir Rico’s  “Cafe ala Rico!” is way way more delicious than those being offered in those popular overpriced cafes! Seriously! 




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Though Sir Rico Doy already told me the formula for this epic coffee drink, I’ve decided not to disclose it! Haha! You should try it yourself!

Be sure to order this on your next visit! 




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make way for  Cafe ala Rico! not your ordinary cup of coffee!

clue: it has SWISS CHOCOLATE! MMMMMMmmmmmmm….




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 Sir Rico makes the world a better place to live in! =)




Sir Rico Doy has remained ever simple and down to earth  until today…. he’s definitely got the traits of a champ! We are very very blessed to have crossed paths with him and the Hassig family sure is lucky to have Sir Rico around! =)


I find Sir Rico to be very inspiring… that you can be successful  in any career path you choose as long as your pour your whole heart into it. I believe the generation today should take him as an example! =) Sir Rico Doy is definitely someone you should meet when in Manila!




Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant

Florence R. Hassig
Chef de Cuisine/General Manager

Taktak Road, Antipolo City

tel #  (02) 697.03.96

cellphone 0928.288.85.84

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 Vieux Chalet Introduces “Cafe ala Rico!” Made by Sir Rico Doy: The World’s Best Waiter!