VIDEO: Hiker Caught a Video of the Fire on Mt. Apo

While hikers made their way up the highest mountain in the Philippines last Saturday, an unexpected forest fire broke out, forcing them to retreat as the blaze grew wild.

According to reports, Mt. Apo has been ravaged by a huge forest fire since Saturday afternoon, which reportedly affected more than 100 hectares of forest cover.

The fire began on the summit campsite of the mountain, forcing hikers to head down the mountain. No hikers were reportedly injured.

Mt. Apo is located at the main southern island of Mindanao and is home to the Philippines’ national bird, the monkey-eating eagle.

The fire was contained after two days, but firefighters are still investigating on how the fire started.

Here’s a video hikers got of the fire:


How do you think the fire began? How can we better take care of our mountains and keep it safe from forest fires?