VIDEO: A Man Cuts Tuna Like a Ninja

Unless you have the sharpest knife in the world, cutting a huge and incredibly heavy tuna (or any other meat) requires impeccable skills. Butchering big pieces of meat must be done by professional butchers only.

Cutting tuna like a ninja

As per WWF or World Wildlife Fund, General Santos (GenSan) is no longer the tuna capital of the Philippines and had proclaimed Mindoro as the official one.

Ideally, Chef’s timing in butchering tuna is ten (10) minutes. However, the man in the video did it under two minutes! He did it like he was cutting paper!

According to an article shared by, you can cut tuna in 6 steps and approximately done in 10 minutes.

Here are the 6 steps indicated in the article:

  1. Remove collars and head
  2. Slice away hard material along the spine
  3. Remove loins
  4. Remove lower loins
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 on the side
  6. Prep and store fillets

This guy is a Tuna cutting ninja! Watch his technique below:

I’m also wondering what happens to the head and other parts of the tuna?

Honestly, I can only slice or peel potatoes, carrots, or chicken fillet, and still get cut sometimes! Oh well, I would need to be trained by this amazing man! He got impeccable slicing/cutting skills, doesn’t he?

What can you say about his cutting skills? Let’s exchange thoughts on the comment section below!


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