LOOK: Vets Had To Remove 32 Rubber Duckies From This Dog’s Stomach!

Dogs love chewing on things. Just last week, my own dog chewed up my sister’s shoe for no real reason other than he just felt like it. However, that’s nothing compared to this American Bulldog who swallowed 38 yellow rubber ducks.

Yes, you read that right. Thirty-eight! Rubber ducks!

Devil’s furmom (yes, his name is Devil), bought a box of 50 rubber ducks so that she could decorate a swimming pool. The day after she bought them, however, she found that Devil has thrown up six chewed ones and soon realized that there was probably more where they came from.

Dr. Muy and Devil’s rubber ducks | Photos from Viral Press

According to the The Sun, furmom Nong Aom rushed Devil to the vet who ended up spending an hour removing the remaining 32 ducks from the dog’s stomach in Pattaya, Thailand.

She explained in a post on Facebook that her dog normally knows what’s edible and what isn’t, but this time he ended up swallowing 38 rubber duckies and retching out six of them before his trip to the doggy hospital.

Thankfully, they lived near Vet Muy who advised pet owners to avoid small toys because they could be very dangerous. Devil has gone back to his normal self and will be avoiding yellow ducks from now on.

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