LOOK: Doctors Found 3.3 Million Pesos Worth of Jewelry in a Woman’s Stomach

A 26-year-old woman who was suffering from abdominal pain was admitted to a hospital in India last July 16. Based on sonography and x-ray tests, what was causing her pain and sickness had been an overwhelming amount of jewelry in her stomach.

The surgeons were able to remove chains, nose rings, earrings, trinkets, bangles, anklets, 90 coins, and a wristwatch from the woman’s stomach in a procedure that took 75-minutes. According to The Sun, the bunch of trinkets collectively weighed over 1.6 kilos and was worth an estimated £53k (roughly around 3.3 million pesos).



The head of the surgery department, Dr. Siddhartha Biswas, shared that the patient had gold, copper, and brass items inside of her. Apparently, according to LADBible, the family had noticed that the ornaments from their home were disappearing.

Despite keeping a close eye on the woman, she managed to swallow, well, everything. She hasn’t been well for at least two months. They’ve also taken her to a hospital and private doctors before who have prescribed her medication but without any result. Well, now we know why!

According to Dr. Biswas, the patient is now stable and will soon be discharged.

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