Venus Parkview Hotel: 5 Ways It Makes for a Perfect Abode When In Baguio

Cool weather, lots of trees, inexpensive fresh produce… who wouldn’t want to spend a weekend in Baguio? Not only is it possible to reach it in just four hours from the Metro, you’ll also not run out of things to do and eat here in the country’s Summer Capital. But while places to visit in Baguio are plenty, nice affordable places to stay remains able to be counted in one hand. So, we here in When In Manila are always on the look out to add on to that list. If you’re heading to the City of Pines for a quick weekend getaway (or a business trip), here are five reasons you should check in at Venus Parkview Hotel.

5. The attention to details are top notch

The first thing I’ve noticed upon stepping inside the 150-room hotel is this pair of beautiful chandeliers hanging in the spacious lobby. If first impressions do matter, then Venus Parkview got it all in the bag. The lobby is adorned with classy accents such as a tall vase of fresh flowers right in the middle. There’s a set of sofas on the left, with the eponymous Venus watching over you as you lounge. Vintage items also add to the style, and the sleek front desk looks even more sleeker with the good-looking staff behind it. On the right, there’s this staircase made from dark-wood. It’s a perfect spot to take your OOTDs!








The rooms are also tastefully decorated. We stayed at an Executive Twin Room. As the name suggests, it has twin beds fitted with white linens and a touch of brown. There’s a wall-mounted LED TV, and a pair of stylish red chairs that come with the room. There’s also a long desk complete with a night lamp. I should also mention that the Wi-Fi here is super fast – perfect for digital nomads who had to squeeze in some work during leisure time (like me)!





With the room comes the usual provisions – toiletries, a couple of bottled water and juice, instant coffee, an electric coffee pot, towels (no robes, though, but you can have it upon request), several hangers in the closet, the works. But the standout difference from other hotels I’ve stayed in was the pieces of chocolates carefully placed on the bed, like an edible welcome note. And I’ve seen other rooms; this wasn’t just for us. All guests will be welcomed with an M&M or a MilkyWay. I find that really, really thoughtful.




Our room also has a balcony that opens up to a view of the city – canopies and buildings merging against a backdrop of spotless blue. Perfect for teatime! Of course, the bathroom comes with a hot-and-cold shower. More than ever, the hot-option is a must for every hotel on this side of the country. Otherwise, who would even dare bathe in the Baguio weather?

4. Delectable In-house Menu

Venus Parkview Hotel’s Olive Cafe – their in-house restaurant – offers delicious and surprisingly cheap dishes. I say surprisingly because you wouldn’t expect such big servings and wonderful tastes for such a low price, but, yes, Venus really does offer these.






Our dinner, for example, was composed of the hotel’s take on the Waldorf Salad (Php242), with not just apples, but mandarin orange, ripe mangoes, and almonds too; Potato Overload (Php231) – crispy potato fries topped with cabbage and bathed in a yummy sauce; and Smokey Barbecue Ribs (Php279) which left me speechless; it was that good. These dishes are good for two to three persons, and the prices are inclusive of 5% service charge. (If you want room service, you’d have to add 10%.)





The breakfast buffet we had was also great. The selection may not be as varied as those of other hotels, but here, quality over quantity rings true. I especially loved the longganisa (I had like 10 of it) and the fresh salad bar. Oooh, they have Coffee Luwak too! But if that’s not up your taste, Olive Cafe serves (according to my bestfriend; am not a coffee-drinker) one helluvan Americano!











There’s also the Brazilian Grill Night every Friday at the cafe, which I was not able to experience, but is another reason to go back.

3. Superb Customer Service

Good customer service should be a priority in any establishment, even more so in a hotel. Venus Parkview, in this regard, takes it to another level simply by being consistent. Every single one of the staff – from the front desk to the security guard – was courteous, ever so ready to assist us, and radiated good vibes all the time that I was tempted to ask if they have any job openings. They all seem really happy to be there, which I took as a comment on how Venus not only takes care of their guests but also their employees. We didn’t have one complaint about the staff; we tried looking for any, but there really wasn’t anything to complain about. We were well taken care of; spoiled, even!


These four good-looking individuals are at the helm of Venus Parkview Hotel

2. It’s not your ordinary hotel

Aside from the tasteful rooms, Venus Parkview also has several function halls that can cater to all kinds of occasions. From professional symposiums to personal events such as debuts and weddings, the hotel is the perfect venue.

The Olive Grand Ballroom, for one, has a seating capacity of 1,200 and is such a beautiful structure that it can be transformed to whatever the event requires. The Fils Hall, meanwhile, offers an al fresco setting for midsize seminars and gatherings. These are what made Venus Parkview a favorite among local government agencies and private companies.





1. It’s just a stone’s throw away from Baguio’s most popular tourist spot

Perhaps what makes Venus Parkview Hotel the best place to stay when in Baguio is its proximity to Burnham Park. It literally sits right across from the popular park, literally a walking distance from it. It’s not difficult, therefore, to sneak in some leisure during a business trip when you’re staying in Venus.wimvenusparkview44

Additionally, if you’re one who’s into walking, from Burnham Park lots of other sites arealso walkable (if there is such a word, but you get what I mean). You have the public market, the town proper, and the famous Baguio Night Market along Harrison Road. All these are easily accessible from the hotel.


I’ve proven with my stay and experience that Venus Parkview Hotel delivers on its promise of being “where memories are made”. Make sure to make memories of your own next time you come to Baguio by checking in with them!

Venus Parkview Hotel

19 Kisad Road, Burnham Park, Baguio City, Philippines

Tel and Fax: +63 74 442 5597


Facebook and Instagram: @venusparkviewhotel


Have you stayed at Venus Parkview Hotel before? How was your experience?


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