This coming September, Matabungkay Beach Hotel endeavors to amplify your beach vacation experience as they bring the Batangas Food Festival, a celebration of taste and a gastronomical venture which features both traditional and diversified dishes delicately picked from the local selection of dishes originally acknowledged in Batangas. This will be the official media take-off of the Batangas Food Festival Menu which will be available to general public from October to December 2016. Some of the dishes include native chicken adobo in coffee and tablea sauce, a medley of saccharine and savory flavor with a kick of their signature coffee; sinaing na bangus, “a rebellious take from the Sinaing na Tulingan – still cooked in a palayok, slow cooked to flakiness and gently soured with kamias both fresh and dried,” as Chef Nancy Reyes Lumen puts it; and Paella Ala Eh, Kaldereta cooked in Paella, still promising a paella constancy but with more flavor highlights. Along with these dishes, Batangas Food Festival will also feature Suam Mushi – a derivation from the Japanese egg and custard-based hot appetizer but now infused with corn bits; the famous Rodrigo’s Roast an heirloom dish from the family of Chef Nancy Reyes Lumen, Pancit Aschuete with Longganiza Balayan, Suman ala Churros with Tablea chocolate, and many other palatial reinventions of Chefs Nancy Reyes-Lumen in collaboration with Chefs Jaja Andal, and Popit De Leon.

Ms. Charley Leviste Antonio, Matabungkay Hotel’s Managing Director, can guarantee the guests of pure bliss, fun and relaxation during your stay plus an array of dishes that will surely whet your appetite as you visit this southern jewel.


Situated in the town of Lian Batangas, Matabungkay Beach Hotel nests a span of white sand shores and crystal clear waters, garlanded by tall shrubs of greeneries gauzing the beach houses and villas in the resort. Three to four hours drive from the Metro; Matabungkay Beach Hotel offers a tranquil haven for both local and foreign tourists. As the ocean waves breathe with the rustling of leaves, a therapeutic activity of its own, Matabungkay reconnects its guests to nature’s pulsating beauty and grace. A “classic establishment,” Matabungkay Beach Hotel is a place that caters to all ages. Its timeless exquisiteness and dedicated service to its guests is one of the many reasons Matabungkay Beach Hotel stands golden since it was established in the 1980s. The resort guests are assured not only of a memorable stay, but also of endless possibilities for relaxation, re-connection, and recreation with nature and their loved ones.

Remarkably, Matabungkay’s glittering waters, fine sand, magnificent sunset and romantic appeal, are mainly the reasons it is a top destination for weddings, birthdays, and family gatherings. A broad and scenic view of the faded mountains and clear skies with streaks of orange and flamingo pink, free from any erected structure, paints a fascinating and romantic sight to all its spectators.

Despite its romantic ambience, Matabungkay Beach Hotel is also a suitable avenue for corporate events. The resort houses different conference and function rooms which can accommodate attendees ranging from 25-300 in number. Technical equipments and other conference materials are the things to be least worried about, as the resort also covers these needs. Inclusions are LCD and overhead slide projectors, 23” inch colored television, video home system (VHS), CD player, speaker podium, easel and flip charts, and whiteboard with markers. Perhaps after a lengthy business presentation, company groups may also opt to hold team buildings or a simple company excursion readily achievable in the resort. Packages for corporate groups are available for day tour and overnight stays. An exciting line-up of activities awaits those who are fond of outdoor bustles. Corporate packages include use of swimming pools and beach, outdoor activities with team marshal, meals, and accommodation for teams who will stay overnight.

Matabungkay Beach Hotel also provides an avenue for outdoor activities for those with spontaneous spirits. Tapping our inner venturous selves, Matabungkay Beach Hotel renders water-based activities. Savor the salty air of the beach as the banana boat traverse and circle around the beach. For a more serene and peaceful experience with the beach, Matabungkay Beach Hotel provides balsa, a bamboo beach raft that can carry about ten (10) people, ideal for family groups and barkadas wanting to unwind and enjoy the scenic view of the water.  If you are the type of person who braves the tides of the ocean, you may also opt to surf the waters through kayaking and jet skiing. They also facilitate snorkeling for adventurous souls interested in sight seeing corals and fishes.

Apart from the wide range of choices in their aqua sports, guests can also enjoy the other sports facilities of the resort for free. These include outdoor courts for basketball, beach volleyball, and tennis. Matabungkay Beach Hotel also gives space to activities such as billiards, darts, table tennis, and mahjong. While athletic individuals thrill on these amenities, other guests can luxuriate in the spa and salon which also offers reflexology, aromatherapy, and facial and sauna therapy, plus a souvenir shop, and a wave music bar.

On top of Matabungkay Beach Hotel’s excellent and reliable service, sizeable area for outdoor activities, cozy villas and rooms for accommodations, Matabungkay Beach Hotel also takes immense pride in the flavorful feast of food available in Café Caballero which serves varieties of the Batangas specialties such as beef tapa, bulalo, beef-packed burger, and the novel kaldereta-flavored pizza. In addition, Café Caballero also serves international cuisines such as Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese food.

Accommodations for both personal and corporate bookings in the resort can be booked beforehand either through the hotel or through Matabungkay Beach Hotel Office located in Legaspi Village, Makati City. For inquiries and reservations, you may call them at: (02) 751 6685 or email them at: salesexec.matabungkay@gmail.com. For more information, kindly visit their website at: www.matabungkaybeachhotel.com