10 Destinations in the Philippines You Should Visit to “Feel Cool”

Summer isn’t officially here yet but we can already feel the heat.

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, it can get super hot during summer. Aside from going to the beach to let off some steam, there are other destinations in the country that you can go to so you can feel a little breeze or get a little cool (literally) or not get too sweaty.

If you’re already planning your summer trip as early as now, and you’re not heading to the beach, here are 10 of the best destinations that has a cool weather even when the heat is on.

10. Batanes

batanes Batanes Hills Oldest House Owner in Batanes

Batanes is an island province located in the northernmost region of the Philippines. It is known as the smallest province in the country in terms of size and population.

The average yearly temperature in Batanes is around 26.0 °C (78.8 °F). In country whose temperature can skyrocket to 42.0 °C, the temperature in Batanes will already require wearing a jacket especially to people used to temperature around 30-40 °C.

Bike around Batanes and enjoy the fresh breeze.

If you go to Batanes, head to its northernmost municipality of Itbayat. In Itbayat, don’t miss the olden villages, scenic ports and cliffs, and majestic caves. Make sure to dive into the local culture as well. 

9. Don Salvador Benedicto (Little Baguio of Negros)

Cold Places Philippines - Little Baguio Negros (1) Cold Places Philippines - Little Baguio Negros (2)

Don Salvador Benedicto or DSB is called the “Little Baguio of Negros” or the “Summer Capital of Negros Occidental”.

Located at 2,500-feet above sea level, this place is pretty chill with average temperature of 16 °C.

Just like having a lion’s head monument found along Kennon Road, DSB has a little lion monument, which is a popular photo-op spot for travelers. 

8. Bukidnon


With its moniker that means “mountain dweller” or “highlander”, Bukidnon has mountains that make it a must-go to place to feel a little cold when the weather gets hot. Malaybalay City, the capital of Bukidnon, is also known as another “Little Baguio”.

Although this province is landlocked (no seaports surrounding it), the elevated areas in Bukidnon have average temperature ranging between 18 and 28 °C. It also has many river systems that keep the province humid.

Aside from its mountains and rivers, Bukidnon is also known as the food basket of Mindanao, with many plantations in the province. If you visit, go to Del Monte’s plantation and don’t miss their steak whose meat are from pineapple-fed cows.

7. Davao City

7 Things To Do in Davao City

A view of Mt. Apo

Home to the tallest peak in the Philippines, Mt. Apo, Davao City has luscious greeneries that provide shade and blows a cool breeze even during summer.

It may be warm at the city center, but go to the elevated areas or better yet, trek Mt. Apo and enjoy what nature can offer. The fresh air and picturesque view is worth the effort for the trek. 

6. Banawe

Brian Grubb Wakeskates the Banaue Rice Terraces

Another destination up north, Banawe (or Banaue) is one of the four municipalities that the UNESCO-listed Philippine Rice Terraces, whose peak is at about 4,900 feet above sea level, occupies.

This destination offers cool mountain breeze, cool waterfalls, and a magnificent view of rice plantation staircases.

5. Marawi City

Cold Places Philippines - Lake Lanao (2)(Photo from: flickr.com)

Cold Places Philippines - Lake Lanao (1)(Photo from: mindanews.com)

Marawi City, the capital city of Lanao del Sur, is located 2,600 feet above sea level. This place usually has a cool climate with temperature reaching as low as 18 °C. Due to this, it is called the “Summer Capital of the South”.

The Lake Lanao, one of the largest and deepest lakes in the country, is a terrain of majestic view. Visit it when you’re there so you can witness one of the 15 ancient lakes in the world.

4. Lake Sebu

Cold Places Philippines - Lake Sebu (1)One of the falls in Lake Sebu. (Photo from: zamboanga.com)

Surrounded by rainforest-covered hills and mountains, Lake Sebu is located in South Cotabato. It is elevated at approximately 1,000 meters above sea level, which is why temperature in this area is cool oftentimes.

Activities that can be done in Lake Sebu include canoe ride in its three lakes and ziplike through its several falls.

3. Sagada

when-in-manila-things-to-do-in-sagada-where-to-stay-travel-phorography-philippines-hanging-coffins-kitelpan-point-1713 Sagada Rock Inn & Cafe When in Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya (212 of 331) Sagada Rock Inn & Cafe When in Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya (233 of 331)

“Where do broken hearts go ba, tita Whitney?”

From the hit film “That Thing Called Tadhana”, I guess one of the places where broken hearts go is Sagada. And it’s one of the cooler places in the country too.

Seated 5,300 feet above sea level, Sagada can be as cool as 10 °C in January and February.

It offers an amazing view of a sea of clouds at the peak of Kiltepan. This is where you can shout all your heartaches away, as per “Tadhana”.

It is also visited for trekking and spelunking. The Sumaguing Cave has super cold water that will instantly cool anyone who takes a dip into it.

2. Tagaytay City

Taal Vista Hotel Taza

For a quick cool escape from Manila, the nearest destination is Tagaytay City.

Travel time is just around an hour from the city, but during holidays, when more people head up to Tagaytay, the time on the road can take longer.

Many spots in Tagaytay City offers a grandeur view of the Taal Lake where the Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world, is located.

The highest point in this city, which is Mt. Sungay, is seated at 2,326 feet above sea level. The average low temperature here on cool months can reach 18 °C.

Aside from the cool breeze and the great view, there are a lot of amazing food finds in Tagaytay nowadays.

1. Baguio

The Forest Lodge Camp John Hay Baguio When In Manila Mae Ilagan-1 Tree Top Adventure Baguio Azalea Residences Baguio When in Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya (54 of 93)

On top of the list, and the go-to place to cool off especially during summer without hitting the beach, is Baguio

Due to its cool climate almost all year-round, it is declared by the Philippine Commission as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. It serves as a baseline of coolness by other locations in the country, where those who can almost reach its temperature are dubbed as “little Baguios”.

The average temperature can be as low as 12.9 °C in January.

Aside from just walking around Burnham Park, Minesview Park, or Session Road, you can try out a lot of new dishes in the city.

If you can, visit during its popular festival too, the Panagbenga Festival.

Don’t forget to hoard strawberries, broccoli, and walis tambos too.

Do you have other recommendations of cool places in the Philippines that were not on the list?

Share them with us!

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