The M&M’s Philippines Tour: More Than Just Chocolates

To all chocolate lovers out there, we have good news! The M&M’s characters – Hot Red, Cool Blue, Charming Yellow, Sexy Green, and Irresistible Orange – are here in the Philippines to meet and entertain their lovely Filipino fans! You guys might be wondering why they chose the Philippines as their travel destination. Well, it’s simple! It’s more fun in the Philippines! 



M&M’s characters dancing on stage


To most of us, the M&M’s characters are just simply colored characters. Did you know that they have unique personalities, too? I didn’t even know that until the team told us about it! Which character fits you best? 



 Sir Henry Azcarraga (Southeast Asia Country Director of Mars Chocolate) posing with Luis Manzano for the launch of Pose Pinoy


The Hot Red

RED M&M's Philippines

Are you a leader type? Are the you the one who immediately answers where to eat instead of the usual “kahit saan”? Are you confident in making decisions? If so, then you’re The Hot Red! He’s like the leader of the pack who loves making decisions for everyone. Although he’s quite bossy, he also saves his friends from tough situations because he’s strong and awesome like that.


The Cool Blue 

BLUE M&M's Philippines

For the guys out there, are you a total charmer to the ladies? If you are, then you’re probably the chill guy, The Cool Blue! With his sweet and charming personality, he’s sure to sweep the ladies off their feet.


The Charming Yellow

YELLOW M&M's Philippines

If you’re like Olaf who loves giving warm hugs, if you’re everyone’s sunshine, then you are definitely The Charming Yellow. He’s the kind of guy who everyone loves having around because he is an instant happy pill.


The Sexy Green

GREEN M&M's Philippines

Is confidence your thing? Are you the type who would answer “Sorry” when someone would say, “it’s so hot”? You’re most definitely The Sexy Green! Being the only girl in the group, expect Sexy Green to be our sassy diva. She’s very beautiful and charming but no one needs to tell her that because she knows it and she’s proud of it. Way to go, girl!


The Irresistible Orange

ORANGE M&M's Philippines

Last but definitely not the least, if you second-guess everything or if you excessively think things through before deciding on something, I think you might be The Irresistible Orange.  He’s the type of guy who second-guesses everything. He tries to analyze the situation first before jumping into it. Also, he is known as “Mr. Paranoid” because, at one time, when asked to try out our Kwek-kwek, he thought he’d be eaten!



Brand Ambassador Luis Manzano posing with Sexy Green 


You might have noticed the M&M’s characters making in-store appearances and if you happen to see them this weekend, don’t forget to have your selfies taken with them to join the last few days of the Pose Pinoy Contest! The rules are simple. Just have your selfies taken with the characters or with the standees and post it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #MMSPH2015 for a chance to win awesome prizes! Check out their Facebook page for more information. 


M&M’s Philippines