USO Plus: Shop Online and Never Go Out of Style

It is no secret that Asian fashion has taken the world by storm, just look at how Kpop and Jpop have influenced everyone’s sense of style.

USO Plus is a shopping website that offers a well-curated selection of clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. Their products are a mix of 10 brands that provide more than 200 products every week. These brands are mostly from Korea, Japan and Taiwan and were handpicked by the USO Plus team to provide only the best of the best products in the market. 

Always be in style with Uso plus

At the USO Plus launch, the media and select guests got to experience the #USOAKO shopping experience. All the attendees were asked to go through the racks of clothes and choose an outfit that best suited their personalities. 

Always be in style with Uso plus

After choosing an outfit, everyone went to hair and make-up to complete their looks.

Always be in style with Uso plus

Always be in style with Uso plus

Once the outfit was complete and hair and make-up were done, everyone got to play the model for an #OOTD.

Always be in style with Uso plus

Blogger Lissa Kahayon participated at the USO launch and had her fair share of the spotlight with this #ootd look involving a lace blouse and very trendy culottes.

Always be in style with Uso plus

Host Nicole Anderson also joined in the fun with her girly outfit which consisted of a floral skirt and a lace blouse.

At first, I thought most of the items in USO plus were too girly, but after a few minutes of browsing through the racks (or should I say the website), I saw all the different brands that they carry and realised that they really do offer different types of clothes that can suit different personalities. There are florals, solids, basics and many more. There are also different shoes, bags and dainty accessories that I became obsessed with. The brands that they have include Starmimi, MOBO, ALADY, BASIC, Hermu, Ruby, OB Design, Queenshop and EYESCREAM.


This was my look at the USO plus event: Checkered Mesh Long Sleeve Jumper (Php 792) from Eyescream and Faux Leather Shorts (Php 728) from OB Design. These designs are also available in different colors to match your mood. 

The most surprising thing about shopping at USO Plus is that the items are very affordable and most products are at a discounted rate. Cool affordable fashion in just one click! Ready! Set! Shop!

USO Plus



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