Urbandub “Endless”: A DVD Review

Of all the bands that come and go in the OPM music scene, Urbandub remains to be one of the greatest. From a struggling band in Cebu that went on to become the “Giant Sound of the South”, they have cemented their status in the rock scene with their eclectic mix of soulful singing, crunchy guitar riffs, wailing leads, progressive bass lines and powerful drumming. Nobody sounded like them. Period.

The 2 part DVD chronicles the band’s rise from the ashes in the suburbs of Cebu. Featuring commentaries from the band, fans, close friends and their accolades in the OPM music scene with the likes of Chito Miranda (Parokya ni Edgar), Raimund Marasigan (Sandwich/Pedicab/Squid 9), Mike Dizon (Pedicab/Sandwich), Myrene Academia (Sandwich), Ocho Toleran (Queso), Diego Castillo (Sandwich), Joey Dizon (Intolerant) and Jay Contreras (Kamikazee).

The second part is their farewell concert held at Metrotent in Ortigas, Pasig last May 9, 2015. Featuring the lineup of Gabby Alipe on vocals and guitars, John Dinopol also on guitars, Lalay Lim on Bass and Janjan Mendoza on drums. It was a bittersweet affair as this concert will be their last featuring the original line up rockin’ the same stage.


The set list for the show are as follows: 01. Intro / 02. Come / 03. Soul Searching / 04. A New Tattoo / 05. Alert the Armory / 06. Never Will I Forget / 07. The Fight is Over / 08. Evidence / 09. Dim The Headlights / 10. Gravity / 11. Hover / 12. Endless, A Silent Whisper / 13. Frailty / 14. A Call to Arms / 15. First of Summer / 16. Guillotine / 17. Fallen on Deaf Ears / 18. Runaway (with Jerros Dolino) / 19. Quiet Poetic / 20. Cebuana / 21. Sailing / 22. Gone

Urbandub’s performance is tight as always. Production and sound quality is top notch. Recorded, mixed and mastered by the guys from Tower of Doom. The video quality is excellent, as well.

A pin-up poster of Urbandub is also included inside. The front cover photography is done by Kamikazee front man Jay Contreras with additional photography from Kris Rocha and Roxanne Nebres.

If you are a fan of Urbandub or are looking for a present for a loved one who is not just a “dubista” but also into OPM rock music, this could be the perfect gift. 15 years of blood, sweat and tears enclosed in a disc from a band dubbed as the “Giant Sound of the South”. To quote, their music is “Like a new tattoo” in our hearts will stay permanent. A rock and roll legacy to be cherish forever.

Urbandub’s Endless DVD

Available at all record bars and leading department stores nationwide.

Released and distributed by MCA Music Universal.


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