UP MSS Pre-Valentine Benefit Concert

Established on the 21st of February, 1999, the University of the Philippines Materials Science Society has been traditionally kicking off its anniversary celebration through a week-long series of events. Such events like flower sale, free ice cream day and outreach program not only cater to the UP community, but are also extended outside the campus.

This year, as the organization celebrates its 19th foundation day, a Pre-Valentine Benefit Concert will be the newest addition to its roster of events. Entitled “Memento: Testimonies of Love,” the Pre-Valentine Benefit Concert seeks to relive the greatest memories and stories of love, sacrifices, pain and happiness of its audience. It will be composed of bands from the organization as well as invited notable bands from inside and outside the UP community. Famous spoken word artists are also invited to grace the event with their undying “hugot” about love.

Expanding the duration of its celebration, UP MSS aims to hold its anniversary through the whole month of February, where the Pre-Valentine Benefit Concert will serve as the kick-off event. After which, all proceeds from the benefit concert will go to KRIS Peace Library, the chosen beneficiary of the organization for its Outreach Program.

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