Unlock Effortless Beauty: Luxx Lash Presents Poppy, the Magnetic Lash Revolution

Imagine a world where beauty is effortless, where simplicity reigns supreme, and where every woman can embrace her true self. Luxx Lash, the leader in sustainable lash innovations in Southeast Asia, is celebrating its fifth anniversary by introducing an exciting addition to its magnetic lash collection. But it’s not just about lashes; it’s about a simple yet inspiring idea that has transformed the way we approach beauty.

At Luxx, they believe that simplicity is more than just a superficial quality; it’s a guiding principle that shapes everything they do. They understand that women lead demanding lives, juggling multiple responsibilities and constantly striving for balance. That’s why they were dedicated to providing uncomplicated beauty solutions that empower women to be their best, no matter how busy life gets.

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With a deep understanding of the transformative power of beauty, Luxx has been revolutionizing the lash industry since 2018. Their game-changing innovations have empowered countless women to express themselves authentically through our diverse, playful, and sustainable lash products. Each pair of lashes is lovingly handmade, ensuring that no two pairs are the same, just like their amazing Luxx Gals who inspire us every day.

Now, let’s talk about their magnetic lash collection, designed to celebrate the uniqueness of every individual. They offer an extensive range of lash styles inspired by different personalities, from bold and daring to subtle and sophisticated. I can now say goodbye to harsh glues and adhesives—their magnetic lashes provide a cleaner, skin-friendly alternative. With just a quick snap, you can achieve the beautiful lash look you desire without the potential risks to your skin or the environment. It’s easy, effortless beauty that won’t budge.

And now, they have their newest magnetic lash style: Poppy. Inspired by the wild poppy flower, known for its beauty and resilience, Poppy is designed to accentuate your natural beauty, never overshadow it. Whether you’re a seasoned lash user or a beginner, Poppy is here to enhance your look with ease and low maintenance. Its alternating lash design, combined with three bottom lash magnets, makes it truly versatile and perfect for lash aficionados or quick touch-ups between salon visits.

What’s there to love about Poppy? It’s lightweight, cruelty-free, and weather-proof. You can use it up to 90 times, ensuring long-lasting value. With three bottom magnets, application is a breeze. And here’s some extra information: Poppy is chemical-free, made with 2D Korean faux mink, and can be worn for up to 12 hours.


Applying Poppy is as simple as can be. Just place the top lash above your natural lashes, hold it in place, and align the bottom lash with the top lash magnet. Let them click together, and voila! For an even smoother application, try our Luxx Lash Lock—a non-slip, fully-magnetic tool that will have you popping on your lashes in no time.

When it’s time to remove your lashes, gently slide off the magnets with your fingers, just like adding a pinch of salt. And to keep your lashes safe and in pristine condition, store them in their magnetic case, following their curved shape. Cleaning is a breeze too—use our Luxx Lash Cleanser on a cotton bud to gently remove dirt and mascara debris, then let your lashes dry on a cotton pad.

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