Unlimited Shots of Fun at Click Selfie Studio

For selfie takers out there, you all know the dilemma of not having a nice quality camera, or simply not having a well-lit area to take a self-photo. Beside looking for the angle that would best suit your assets, it’s also about minding if your room is messy, or if the background will get more attention than you. Selfie-taking? The struggle is real.

But don’t fret! Click Selfie, the first selfie studio in the Philippines has re-opened in SM Manila!



You’re probably still lost in the thought of what a selfie studio is. But to give you an idea, it’s where you can professionally take photos of yourself, by yourself.

Imagine an area with professional lighting, your choice of background, optional costumes and props,and unlimited shots of high resolution photos with HD hard copy prints and even take home the digital copies of all the shots you’ll take. And, wait for it….all for an affordable price!!

I decided to take on the opportunity for a 30-minute Unlimited Selfie Package. With the wide selection of costumes, it made it difficult for me to choose which one I’d like to put on. It’s a great thing that their staff are all kind and friendly, and owner and couple David and Ms. MJ are very kind to assist their customers hands-on as well.

In the end, I opted to settle for one of my dreams–to wear a kimono or hanbok and push on that Chinese, Korean, and Japanese image in one photo. Nailed it.


Neat, right?

What surprised me is the fact that it’s not just about having great photos to change my Facebook profile picture, but the fun it also brings. My 30 minutes were extended to an hour due to the fact that you can’t simply stop at a few shots and move on. Because you can take unlimited photos, you can literally take on several photos even with just one pose to perfect that look. Next thing you know, you’re enjoying too much and you need to extend your time package for more fun!

You can get unlimited photos with your friends, family, or the love of your life. You don’t even need an occasion to do so! Wanna celebrate a different Valentine’s date? Feel free to be their guest!



clickselfie6photos courtesy of Click Selfie Studio


clickselfiep2photos courtesy of Click Selfie Studio

Click Selfie is also available for private photo booth booking for events.

Click Selfie Studio

3/F SM Manila, Natividad Almeda-Lopez St., Ermita, Manila
Contact no.: (02) 624 4805
Facebook: www.facebook.com/clickselfieph


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