University of Antique Students Create World’s Biggest Human Anchor

As part of the 62nd Foundation Day of the University of Antique with the theme UA Strongly Anchored on Quality Assurance, 6,000 students and teachers created a human anchor formation with hopes of beating the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Human Anchor Formation. And they did!

university of antique biggest human anchor guinness world record

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That’s a bird’s eye view of the anchor formation, which they said was formed in less than five minutes. Pretty cool, huh?

A Guinness representative was there to hand out wristbands with serial numbers to verify the participants and a representative from the Commission on Audit (COA) was also there to count the participants.

On the official website of the University, they explain that “The human anchor image was made in honor of the Filipino maritime professionals and at the same time is symbolic to the University of Antique because they are offering the Enhanced Support Level Program leading to B.S. Marine Engineering and B.S. Marine Transportation.”

Which Guinness World Record should the Philippines break next? :p