Philippines Breaks Guinness World Record For Biggest Serving Of LECHON!

We Filipinos love our lechon, and we also love world records, so why not combine both?

Eva's Lechon

Indeed, the country has broken ANOTHER world record, this time with the largest serving of roast pork, or lechon!

And just how big is this world-class serving? A whopping 4,046 kilos, according to local reports!

The feat, organized by Calata Corporation as part of their 16th anniversary, also reportedly served as an early Christmas treat for the less fortunate residents of Manila, by providing 330 pigs to be roasted. The enormous serving could feed 15,000 people, according to reports!

Well if that doesn’t satisfy your lechon cravings, we don’t know what else will.

The event officially broke the record previously held by Mexico in 2010, where they served 3,094 kilos of cochinita pibil, a popular Mexican roast pork dish.