Unilever Philippines Partners With Shopee, Ushers Switch to 100% Paper-Based Eco Wrap on Deliveries

Advocating for the environment can come in several shapes and forms. Some people choose to give up meat, while others replace single-use plastic items with reusable products. Whether you’re spending your weekends on reforestation or reducing your carbon footprint by biking or walking, every intentional act is a small, yet significant step towards conserving the planet. Even the simple act of shopping can be sustainable, as long as you budol responsibly! And that’s exactly why Unilever Philippines has partnered with Shopee for Green Delivery; to help usher in the switch to 100% paper-based eco wrap for inner secondary packaging in the Philippines and reimagine the way you shop online!

Unilever Green Delivery

Great Quality in Even Greater Packaging

Green Delivery aims to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging, while maintaining the same exceptional quality of the products you’ve come to rely on. And though Unilever continues to make the shift toward more sustainable deliveries, it never drops the ball on delivering superior essentials and experiences in beauty and homecare. Through its quality and affordable line of products, now in eco-friendly secondary packaging, Unilever shatters the stereotype that being environmentally friendly and choosing greener options have to be expensive or difficult.  

Greater Packaging for a Greener Planet

So what does this actually mean for shoppers? What is Green Delivery promising? With this program, we, as simple and everyday shoppers, can prevent as much as 800KM of plastic from ending up in landfills and waterways every year! Think about that for a second. All that scrolling, swiping, and checking-out-cart that brings us so much joy can also be just as joyful the environment. These initiatives require strategic planning, extensive research, and innovation, which is why they’ve ensured that the honeycomb eco-packaging wrap is certified by The Forest Stewardship Council, otherwise known as FSC. But beyond packaging, Green Delivery also focuses on providing consumers with planet-friendly shopping bundles and freebies.   

Unilever Philippines partners With Shopee for Green Delivery

A Greener Planet Starts with Genuine Change

For example, bundles that offer as much as 50% discounts on products with green primary packaging. And it doesn’t stop there. To further their commitment to genuine change, Unilever partnered with WWF-Philippines so that every purchase you make contributes to clearing plastic waste from the coasts of Donsol, Sorsogon- known to be a habitat for whale sharks. This March, you can also expect several activities and events you can join in celebration of Earth Hour. Unilever understands that taking that first step on the journey toward sustainability can be intimidating or overwhelming, so they’ve even prepared giveaways that could actually help jumpstart a greener lifestyle. Sometimes all it takes to get started is to feel that initial rush of knowing that your small act is making a difference. And once we start to make those genuine changes in something as simple as our shopping habits, we can become an unstoppable force in protecting the planet.       

Genuine Change Begins with Good Habits

So let’s make it a habit to shop for essentials responsibly, mindfully, and sustainably with the help of Green Delivery. By choosing a brand and e-commerce platform that aligns with our shared advocacy towards a greener future, even the littlest step (or swipe!) creates an amazing ripple effect. And don’t worry if you don’t know where to begin! Check out the Green Delivery Sale below to get your sustainable journey going!