Unicorn Diaries to Search for the Next Billion Peso Startup

UnicornDiaries OfficialPoster

Are you ready to be the Philippines’s next Unicorn? That’s the question that Venture Capitalists at Gideon are asking as they announce the launch of their newest web series “Unicorn Diaries,” a vlog documenting the weekly adventures of the Venture Capitalists from Gideon, and startups such as Acudeen, NXT Level Farms, Healthblocks, and Pushkart.ph. The term “unicorn” in the business world doesn’t represent a mythical animal, but rather a startup company valued at more than a billion dollars.

Unicorn Diaries Season One will go about the stories of 10 chosen startups, highlighting the company’s background and how they plan to capture the Philippine market with their innovative products. This 10-episode web series is not your typical vlog as it also acts as an actual pitching competition. The Venture Capitalists from Gideon will choose five lucky startups to send to Taiwan for a chance to compete with other Southeast Asian startups in Anchor 2018, and get a chance to win the 7 Million Peso cash prize.

Always on the lookout for innovative companies, entrepreneurs, and opportunities here in the Philippines, Gideon Venture Capital aims to make Unicorn Diaries as a platform where startups can tell their stories and showcase their disruptive ideas through the power of pitching. Any startup can apply and join by registering at www.unicorn.com.ph.

“The scope of the show is very wide as it targets not just Tech Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists. A lot of people will be able to relate to the motivations and struggles of these founders. It’s a very entertaining vlog since every episode has a different story to offer.Being part of the show is definitely a unique experience for me given the concept that Unicorn Diaries has!,” said Geoffrey Nuval, Venture Capitalist, and Creator of Unicorn Diaries.

The webisodes will be launched on digital platforms this November 12, 2017, along with behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews with the founders. Unicorn Diaries will be streamed on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube every Sunday at 8 PM.



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