Unboxing New Boxfresh Shoes: A Fresh Box of Cool from London to Manila

When In Manila, you need to dress to impress around the socialites to fully make use of your Asian persuasion.


It was about time to get me a new pair of sneaks… I had heard about this really slick brand from London and was excited about their recent arrival to the Philippines.


Boxfresh is a British brand from east London. And its British Street wear. It’s really like British street music fashion.




This hip new brand, Boxfresh, was created and inspired by the early New York / hip-hop terminology for a pair of trainers being literally “fresh out the box”


Here I am unboxing my new Boxfresh shoes:






I love how the colors contrast perfectly with the darks and the lights. The design of the shoes are flawless with amazing detail.




Best of all, these slick sneakers fresh out the box feel great when you put them on!




Boxfresh has become a creative hub with the best in up-and-coming British talent on board; delivering fresh, new, exciting content, master classes and music downloads directly to the people!




I got the Boxfresh Keel Cord (Keel Corduroy) in the Grey and Yellow color along with the Boxfresh Sparko Combo in Black and Grey


Boxfresh_Keel_Cord Boxfresh_Sparko_Combo_black_grey


“Boxfresh” definition – Someone or something that is new and cool or innovative in a fashion sense.


The Boxfresh brand name is inspired by the early Hip-hop terminology for a pair of trainers being literally “fresh out of the box”. Started in market stalls in East London by Roger Wade, Ben Joseph, Sue Denny & Olaf Parker, it hails itself as “The Original British Streetwear brand”.




Authentic British Streetwear is multi-cultured, intelligent, witty, sleek and expressive, independent and always fresh. Boxfresh apparel and footwear caters to the sophisticated urban street culture, mixing grungy overtones with sleek cuts and polished lines. Heralding the heroes of the street from musicians, performers, artists and creatives, Boxfresh believes that “The sidewalk is the new catwalk”.


As I said, I love my new pairs of Boxfresh shoes. I love them so much that I invited them over to my radio show, The Wake Up Show on Mellow 94.7 to talk about this new brand.


Here I am with my Boxfresh shirt and Sparko Combo shoes, along with Boxfresh Brand Manager Pepe Cervero:







When In Manila, and looking to look smooth and cool for the ladies, then pick up a fresh box of the freshest threads and kicks out there. Get yourself some Boxfresh shirts and shoes!


Boxfresh is available at Res Toe Run stores and Brat Pack stores all around the Philippines.


For more info, check them out on Facebook.com/Boxfresh.Philippines



Unboxing New Boxfresh Shoes: A Fresh Box of Cool from London to Manila