This Holiday Box is Specially Curated to Make Your Holidays Extra Special

I’ve received many food packages for the holidays so far, but none of them has put as huge of a smile on my face as Ulam Malu’s holiday box.

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Michael Tayag is the CEO of Darkside Concepts Inc., primarily a business development company specializing in the food and beverage industry. Ulam Malu is one of the projects that they developed during the pandemic. It started as a business concept that would cater to individuals and groups who would need another form of income that they could easily run from home at minimal costs. However, the concept eventually grew into the full running business that it is today.

Photo from Ulam Malu

Ulam Malu’s menu consists of recipes that they have researched and tested through the years. “We simply chose our favorites with the hopes that it would become our clients’ favorites, as well,” they share. They also chose dishes based on what would be unique in today’s vast food takeout market, such as their tocino.

Their tocino offers a unique approach and new flavor that comes with years of experience and pushing their imaginations and palates. I am personally a huge fan of tocino myself, but I have to say: theirs is really different. It is just as addicting as other kinds of tocino I’ve tried in the past, but it is distinctly theirs. It’s definitely a dish you’ll remember!

Photo from Ulam Malu

This holiday season, you can take extra advantage of their offers by getting a Holiday Box that is specially curated to make your holidays more special. Each Holiday Box includes the following:

  • Ulam Malu meals good for 2 people (Php2,000) to 5 people (Php5,000), so you can fill your bellies with home-cooked goodness prepared with love
  • A red velvet mini cake to remind you that life is always sweeter with dessert
  • Red wine to toast how far you’ve come despite the ups and downs of 2020
  • A mini speaker to set the vibe and let you sing your hearts out and dance the night away

To be honest, all of the extras that came with the food were truly just extras because it was really the food that was the highlight for my family. My parents devoured the mussels like there was no tomorrow, and the cake was a huge hit with my kid!

Photo from Ulam Malu

If you’re worried about safety during the pandemic, Ulam Malu ensures that all of their food items are prepared and wrapped with the utmost consciousness of health and safety. They also provide detailed information on how to reheat them properly.

As with their mother company Darkside Concepts, Ulam Malu firmly believes that they specialize in potential. Given that, they have been following a no-quit attitude in terms of the projects and companies that they have heavily invested in.

Make sure to try out their dishes and take part in their imaginative process as a business, so you can enjoy delicious home-cooked meals and join in their realization of potential.

Ulam Malu

Instagram: @ulam.malu.cookery

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