Uke Box Caffe Offers FREE Sunday Workshops for Ukulele Enthusiasts!

Ok, workshop time. It started around 4PM, and that’s when we met Teacher Try. He’s one of the owners of the cafe, and he has been a musician for more than 20 years now.  I kid you not: just meeting him and listening to him talk about music left all of us inspired— his heart was bursting with his passion for the art.


He says that the ukulele is an underrated instrument, but he believes that it has so much beauty and potential. Because of this, he holds ukulele workshops for free at Uke Box Caffe, so that he can build a community of passionate ukulele players in the city. Teacher Try is such an inspiring mentor, hands down. He has so much faith in his students, and has so much enthusiasm and energy in him. From the clueless person I was, I could definitely say that Teacher Try and Uke Box Caffe have turned me into a uke enthusiast!!!


The workshop started with a brief intro of the uke. You know—its history (it was created in the 19th century), its origination (it was a hi-brid instrument created by Hawaiians), its different kinds and sizes (soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone), the pronunciation of the word ukulele (lol), yaddayaddayadda. And then we got introduced to Teacher Try’s little baby: a teeny, tiny uke— the smallest one in the Philippines, in fact. He says that there are only two pieces of the size here in the country. AWESOME.


Before we learned to play some songs, we did a quick warm-up. Who knew we had to do stretching exercises for our hands and fingers before playing the strings?


In the whole 3 hours that we were together, we learned seven (!!) songs. Even though most of us were beginners, Teacher Try and his friends believed in us and pushed us to our limits! :) We were given an intro on scaling, too, which was pretty neat.


Photo from Teacher Tryron De Guzman

Everyone was kind to and supportive of each other. We’d help each other in learning chords and strumming patterns and whatnot. Ah, the spirit of family!

At the end of the workshop, we were divided into three groups to practice all of the seven songs that we learned.


And then, we performed em on stage!


Group photo from Regina Starr Abelardo

Teacher Try’s approach is really fun. It feels like less of a class and more like we’re all just one big family having fun playing music together. I loved how intimate and hands-on the workshop was, too. We made new friends from this beautiful, growing, passionate community. :)


Group photo  from Teacher Tryron De Guzman

Check out this one-minute video of the day’s highlights!

With Eric (one of Teacher Try’s best students), my sister, and Teacher Try himself! :)


I am so glad we decided to attend this class. Proud to say, a flame’s just been ignited and we’re all so eager to learn the uke more! UKULELE FEVER YASSS!


Good job, Ukuelele Workshop Batch 29! Here’s to learning, playing, and creating music together! :)


Group photo  from Teacher Tryron De Guzman

“This instrument isn’t magical—but every time my students learn a new song with their ukeleles, every time I see them smile and happy—now that’s magical.”

—Tryron De Guzman, Uke Box Caffe co-owner

You can enroll in Uke Box Caffe’s FREE Sunday Ukulele Workshops, too. All you have to do is message them over at Facebook with your name and contact number for reservations.  They are located at 187 Village Center Euloguio Rodriguez Jr. Ave Brgy. Bagumbayan LIBIS, Quezon City (just outside Eastwood City).

Want to win a ukulele from Uke Box Caffe? Just follow these mechanics:

1) Make a uke cover of your choice, either solo or duo (you must use at least one ukulele).

2) Upload video and tag Uke Box Caffe and When in Manila with the hashtag #UBCTurns1

3) Share it! The more likes; the more chances of winning.

4) Submission of entries starts today and the winners will be announced on Uke Box Caffe’s 1st year anniversary on May 30, 2016.

Uke Box Caffe

187 Village Center Euloguio Rodriguez Jr. Ave Brgy. Bagumbayan LIBIS, 1110 Quezon City

Open from 9am to 10pm

(02) 374-7467


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