Uke Box Caffe Offers FREE Sunday Workshops for Ukulele Enthusiasts!

Well, to start off, the cafe was FULL of ukuleles (Geez, thanks for pointing that out, Captain Obvious). But really now, they had a wall just full of em!


You can actually rent their ukuleles at Php100 an hour.


Of course, Uke Box Caffe lent me the girliest one they had. Lol.


Isn’t this ukulele wall just coooool?? These are all for sale, too. I fell in love with the ones with the heart-shaped sound holes. I’m coming back for you, bae!


You can also get your ukes customized and personalized by them. Just talk to the staff and they’ll guide you through the process!


The place has a chill beach theme going on.


Oh, and see those board games at the right? You can borrow ’em to play with your friends!

Read about the actual workshop on the next page!

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