UIPH 2022: Avenue for Advancements in Engineering Softwares

The Civil engineering Executive Organization (CEO) renews its greatly anticipated forum – the USER Interface PH, for its 6th installment this 2022. USER Interface PH or UIPH is a national forum open to all engineering students, software developers, members of the academe, and engineers from different colleges, universities, and firms across the country.


USER Interface PH 2022 brings an informative platform that will address a range of engineering software, research, design projects, and recent developments in information modeling that are directly related to structural and architectural aspects of engineering and connect them to building and programming. Distinguished speakers from various businesses and organizations will be present at this event.


Featuring the latest advancements, UIPH focuses on the frontier topics of infrastructures and technology redefining the world of enhanced automation and engineering software. Moreover, some concepts include tackling processes that utilize digital technology to connect parties working on the same project and integrate work procedures across the course of building and construction. 

This seminar is targeted toward delivering specialists’ structural analysis and design project experiences to increase your knowledge and abilities about the technology advancements in engineering. We anticipate that more than 2000 students, instructors, and aspiring engineers will attend. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and be a part of the growing Filipino community that shows interest and passion in integrating engineering software into real-life problems!


We gladly invite you to the USER Interface PH 2022! The event will be held on October 29, 2022, at 1:00 pm and will be streamed through its Facebook page, USER Interface PH. Catch as live here (www.facebook.com/UserInterfacePH)


Mark your calendars and be part of this year’s installment by reserving your slots. Register through this link for FREE: [http://tinyurl.com/UIPH2022]


For more inquiries, kindly contact the event’s registration head, Mr. John Paolo Galvez via mobile (09278503878) or email us at nationaluserinterface@gmail.com.


See you there!