UAAPFINALS: The End Of A 10-Year Championship Drought

10 years; the Tamaraws waited for 10 long years for this day.


Photo Credits to: Mar Marcoso

After their championship win in 2005, the Tamaraws has appeared in the finals three times, but all three attempts ended in heartbreak. No, they weren’t going to let another lose crush their spirit anymore.

In a tight battle with the equally championship-hungry Tigers, who’s running a nine-year championship drought as well, they’re Tamaraw-like bravery triumphed. They showed that their three previous heartbreaks didn’t go to waste; as the saying goes: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Tonight, the Tamaraws will celebrate and talk about their winning moments: how RR Pogoy turned the tide in the final quarter, how they had the luck of the free throws on their side, or how they won the rebounding battle like they have throughout the season. They will reminisce this moment, they will talk about it for days to come.

To the Tamaraws, its their 20th seniors basketball championship, but to the veterans Mac Belo, Mike Tolomia, and Roger Pogoy, it’s their first and last win wearing their green and yellow uniform. It’s as memorable to them as can be: there’s no better way to end a career than bringing home the trophy.

To the young Tamaraws, this win is something to look forward to. Next year is another season, another chance for them to follow their veteran brothers’ winning shoes for a trophy of their own. But that’s a story for another time; tonight, they are all winners.

To my fellow Tigers, the tiger in me grieves with you tonight. We fought a good fight, had a good run, but now is not our time. Let’s not worry, we will have our time too, after all: WE. ARE. TIGERS.

To our veteran Tigers Kevin Ferrer, Karim Abdul, and Ed Daquioag, thank you. You may not have won today, but you did something greater: you united the tiger within us. You brought us all together, alumni and freshmen alike. You all played a game that moved us, and showed us the power of a tiger pack.

To the rookie cubs, it’s your turn. Another story will unfold before you in the next season. Toughen your hearts, sharpen your fangs, and do the tigers proud. We’re all counting on you.