UAAP Finals: A look At The Tamaraws

In a few hours, the most-awaited UAAP game of the season will begin, and the two championship contenders will have one last chance to prove that they deserve the championship title.

But before the deciding game begins, let’s take a look at the FEU Tamaraws’ advantages and disadvantages, and how they can win against the Tigers.


Disadvanatges: Turnovers, missed shots

-According to sports analysts, FEU is one of the teams with a bad turnover reputation this season. And with their turnover stats in the past two games, it’s undeniable. Keeping this up poses many dangers for the Tamaraws, while any improvement can greatly increase their possession of the ball and give the Tiger less opportunities to score.

-FEU’s shooting in the last game was definitely off; maybe it was the pressure of winning the game that got to them. Whatever it is, they made a lot of missed shots that became costly in the long run, especially Mike Tolomia’s 15 missed shots from the field. If they fail to convert crucial shots into points, they’ll be in serious trouble.

Advantages: Good team-play, Rebounding

-FEU’s teamwork will definitely play to their advantage in the next match. Unlike the Tigers, who look to their veteran players like Ed Daquioag and Kevin Ferrer for their better plays, the Tamaraws have a number of good players that can really move the ball.

If they can wear down UST’s veteran players while keeping their own key players in good shape, winning would come easy.

-Rebounding has been FEU’s best friend all season. Coming out as one of the best rebounding teams this season, this would be one of their bigger advantages over UST. If they can keep the ball out of the Tigers’ hands, they take away the Tigers’ fangs.

What other observations do you think will make or break the Tamaraws’ game? You can Check our look on the Tigers here.