UAAP: Coach Bong “physically, verbally abused” Rookies says Varsi Report

Things are not looking good inside the Yellow Tigers’ den.

According to The Varsitarian, the University of Santo Tomas’ university-wide organ, UST rookies have been “subjected to verbal and physical abuse under head coach Segundo “Bong” dela Cruz.”

coachbongPhoto by: Peter Baltazar/ Sport on Air

The report reveals that players receive harsh punishment for mistakes during practice, like doing 1,000 push-ups or getting hit by balls.

The report also tackled favoritism in the team:

The parent also said that at halftime in one game, her son was taken to task for “last-minute, ill-advised shots,” claiming only more senior players were allowed to score. says the Varsi report.

Former tigers also recounted mistreatment by the coach in the report, affirming the allegations of physical and verbal abuse:

Two former Tigers who had left the team in disgust confirmed the allegations. “I will say my piece when I am summoned by the school but all I can say is it’s true,” one of them said, referring to the physical and verbal abuses.

Reports that Coach Bong has been fired by the institution broke out in a number of media outlets a few days ago, but the Varsitarian affirmed  that he was only under investigation but not suspended.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have friends playing for the tigers?