U-LOL: Filipino commuters a.k.a. “WARRIORS”

Commuting is a huge part of the daily lives of most Filipinos. From the endless lines at terminals or the “amazing race” people do at jeepney/bus stops to our greatest enemy – the rush hour traffic, it usually gives us our daily dose of stress. The best part about being Filipino though is that we always find humor even in these toughest situations.

In this episode of U-LOL, we will make you laugh out loud with another batch of videos from the internet that has something to do with public transportation… If you’re on your way to school/work, then hurry up and put your earphones on because it’s the perfect time to watch this!

WhenInManila.com’s U-LOL is our new YouTube series where we sum up some of the funniest, craziest, and best videos trending online!

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