Two Non-Invasive Skin Treatments that Leave Your Skin Glowing

Lately the pursuit for healthy, organic, and non-invasive procedures have been on the rise. And mainly because, let’s face it, more and more chemicals are making us sick and certain procedures just don’t take it easy on our bodiesskin included.

Think of the last time you had a facial. Think of how many of your friends would say that it’s not a walk in the park. Or if you’re thinking of having botox done, how painful that may seem like. And even more, plastic surgery. All these procedures don’t really make you look forward to tiis-ganda moments.

Good thing there are two non-invasive skin treatments that can take care of acne, photo damage, lines and wrinkles, and even lift your skin without the painful effects of the usual procedures of going to the derma. They’re non-invasive, meaning these are procedures that do not cut the skin. In short, all gain without the pain.


The first one is the Photodynamic Therapy or Light Emitting Diode LED light that interacts with cells. This light makes cells produce more elastin and collagen, and decreases the enzymes that make the skin break out. Having more collagen reduces wrinkles and gives you a more youthful appearance.

It’s letting light take care of your skin problems. You’ll wear a mask ala Darth Vader (like what Jessica Alba did) for about 20-30 minutes while you let the light work wonders on your skin. Different colors of light have different effects.


Red stimulates cells to produce collagen and you can see its effects on fine lines and enlarged rough skin pores. It is often done on aging and sagging skin.


Blue destroys bacteria and is for treating acne problems. At the same time, blue light can relax the skin, aiding in fighting allergy. It is also good for acne treatment and sensitive skin.


White, on the other hand, is used for anti-inflammatory activities and wound healing.


The other non-invasive skin treatment is called the LHE, which uses the healing power of heat and light. It is a toning device that works deep under the skin to rebuild lost collagen and improve skin texture from inside out.

Like laser, LHE treats the skin with therapeutic light energy. Combined with the light, LHE uses a unique directed heat process that gently stimulates collagen growth, tightens and tones the skin, and improves overall texture.


It creates a natural radiant glow, evens skin tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases elasticity, stimulates collagen production, and decreases pore size.



These two procedures can be used together to help lift and improve your skin the non-invasive way.  No redness after. Since make-up can only do so much, might as well take good care of the baseour skin. Everything else will just naturally follow.

I had Dra. Kong do a session on me, and it was a breeze. I was on the clinic bed for around 30 minutes while she passed the toning device on my skin. After that she put on the mask on me. I dozed off and woke up with fresher, more radiant skin. After a few sessions, Dra. Kong mentioned that some of her clients already had noticeable lifts on saggy areas of their faces. Better than surgery I’d say.

To get the Photodynamic Therapy & LHE Facial Toning Device treatment, get in touch with:

Dra. Emanuel Ching-Kong

BCDA Medical Clinic
C5 Road, Taguig


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