Two no-homework policies proposed at House of Representatives


Looks like schoolchildren will have more time to do non-school-related activities or just spend more time with their families with these two new bills proposed at the House of Representatives.

Lawmakers proposed two separate policies geared towards giving schoolchildren more chances of spending quality time at home.

Sorsogon Deputy Speaker Evelina Escudero proposed the House Bill No. 3611 that aims to eliminate homework as a class requirement and limit school activities to the campus.

“Homework assignments can deprive students and parents precious quality time for rest, relaxation and interaction after school hours and even on weekends,” she said in a note.

Her proposal also aims to have students leave their textbooks in school after hours to save them from carrying heavy learning materials on and off campus.

Meanwhile, Quezon City Representative Alfred Vargas has a similar proposal. He proposed House Bill No.  3883 that seeks to prevent teachers from assigning homework for the weekend.

“In addition, a few landmark studies have suggested that homework does impact upon family life, in some cases in a negative way… yet in general, it is positively associated with academic achievement,” he said.

He added that his proposal will aid in promoting children’s “physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being.”

Another different of Vargas’ bill Escudero’s is that there can be a fine of P50,000 or imprisonment of one to two years on teachers who would violate the no-homework policy.

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