Twitter Has Spoken; Can We Have Our Lesbian Romcom Now, Please?

Words by Carinna Reyes

There’s no denying that the era of romcom is upon us once again. With movies like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Love, Simon, and of course, Crazy Rich Asians, the representation of protagonists in search of great love have become more colorful and diverse, which is absolutely worth the hype as it gives us more hope of our own forever after.

Yes, 2018 is sweet, fluffy, and #20GAYTEEN is flourishing. Amidst all the horrible news, people are hungry for all kinds of love stories. So where is our lesbian romcom?

This Twitter user sums it up pretty well on how lacking our world is when it comes to cute, innocent girl-to-girl relationships (but bless you, Lesbian Jesus, we love you):

Here’s the tea, sis: Lesbian relationships onscreen are heavily sexualized and fetishized to suit the sexual fantasies of the male audience.

And we are OVER it.

Because no, one successful movie about a gay couple isn’t enough. Remember, the LGBTQIA+ community does not comprise of only gay men:

I mean, we already have some suggestions, if any network is interested (ehem Netflixpleaselisten ehem):

With Zendaya and Auli’i Cravalho as the actors? Uh YES PLEASE.

Can’t you give us a lesbian protagonist with a snazzy room we can copy from too?

Tl;dr: The lesbians need our romcom too. We need it NOW.

Because for some of us, there’s no denying this truth as well:

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