‘Twilight’ star Instagrams a photo of Whang Od; a Filipina celebrity comments back!

Nikki Reed is best known for her role as Rosalie in Twilight. She is also known for being Ian Somerhalder’s wife and for being a model and a singer-songwriter. No wonder this multi-hyphenated superstar has 1 million Instagram followers.

While here Instagram feed has gorgeous photos of her #selfies, #OOTDs, Ian Somerhalder, and BTS shots of her work, Nikki Reed makes it a point to use social media to support her advocacies such as equality for women and animal rights. Her captions are unusually long for a medium such as Instagram, but they tell moving stories.

A perfect example is a photo of Whang Od that Nikki Reed posted on her Instagram account: 

Leave it to the Filipinos who belong to the social media capital of the world to comment immediately! Nikki didn’t explicitly name the woman in the photo, but Pinoys were quick to respond to other followers who might not know her. Many Pinoy fans also encouraged Nikki to visit the Philippines. Other Pinoys shared their personal stories with Whang Od and other facts about the Butbut tribe and the traditional tattoo artistry.

But a comment that stood out is none other than Iza Calzado‘s whose informative comment also gave credit to where it is due by letting the world know who took that photo. 

Whang Od 2

How about you? As the social media capital of the world, how do you think we should use our social media accounts? How much do you know about Whang Od or the Filipino culture? Let us know in the comments below!