Turtle Photobombs Adventurers in Apo Island

Turtle Photobombs Adventurers in Apo Island


A group of adventurers certainly weren’t expecting a sea turtle to photobomb them, but that’s what happened when they were taking a group photo by the shore of Apo Island.

The photo was shared on the blog of Diovani de Jesus, a researcher at the Institute of Marine Sciences. He shared the photo with the caption:


We were posing for a group photo at Apo Island when this sea turtle surfaced to breathe and photo-bombed! This shallow area in Apo Island, Negros Oriental, Philippines is a feeding ground for sea turtles. Just like what my friend Genesis said, this is a reminder that humans and creatures like this gentle pawikan can co-exist.


The photo and story was shared on international media, and Diovani hopes that this can raise awareness on conservation. According to a comment on his blog:


Though we appreciate the publicity, we would like to ask for help to promote marine wildlife conservation, environmental protection and sustainable ecotourism not just in the Philippines but everywhere. Also we hope that you can visit the Philippines so you can experience awesome nature, culture and adventure. We hope you can help us with this goal.


The blog was posted on April 21, a day before Earth Day.


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