Turn A Page And Take A Sip At Tweedle Book Cafe

Adding to the place’s appeal is its appetizing menu composed of dishes and beverages that all add to the Tweedle Book Cafe experience. Coming from the owners’ personal favorites and new concoctions crafted with a chef, Tweedle Book Cafe has steak, pasta, pies, and rice bowls for guests to feast on as well as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, craft beers, and wine.

tweedle_ducksisigriceOne of the featured rice bowls is Ugly Duckling (P490), a treat that fires up with spicy, delicious flavors. 

tweedle_cheeseburgerballsA visit to Tweedle won’t be complete without sampling the Cheeseburgerballs (P220), a certified favorite.

According to Jamie, the reason behind putting a variety of drinks on the menu is to satisfy every reader’s own quirks when it comes to their choice book pair. While coffee is usually the reading partner of book lovers, there are also those who opt to pair theirs with say, tea or a bottle of beer. And Tweedle Book Cafe makes sure that it has something for everyone, to make the experience of exploring imaginations through books more enjoyable.

tweedle_wagyukimcheeseburgerPut a twist to your usual burger with Tweedle’s crunchy and scrumptious Wagyu Kimcheese Burger (P300).

Apart from advocating reading, Tweedle Book Cafe also passionately supports local producers. The cacao they use for their hot chocolate comes from The Chocolate Chamber, a Cebu-based company that uses local cacao grown from its own farm to create rich chocolate flavors infused with hibiscus, chamomile, jasmine, and cherry, among others. Tweedle Book Cafe also uses locally-blended and roasted coffee as well as sells local craft beers and artisan ice cream.

tweedle_cakesdrinks(clockwise from top left) The Genmaicha Latte (P100) is matcha with toasted brown rice which is evident in its delicious after taste. A slice of the Caramel Macchiato will please those who want their cakes not too sweet while the Hot Chocolate infused with Cinnamon Ginger (P160) is a drink that tastes and feels like home.

For those who want to hold private functions, Tweedle Book Cafe also has a basement suitable for such and can even be a secret nook for book clubs in the area who may want to discuss the classics or the contemporaries over a glass of wine.

tweedle_basementThe cafe’s industrial-inspired basement can hold private functions and events.

tweedle_basement2The basement also houses Tweedle’s extensive wine selection from vineyards in France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, and Australia.

In essence, Tweedle Book Cafe is about fusing together a memorable reading and dining experience. “There’s so much imagination in booksthe imagination of the author and the reader. And we want Tweedle Book Cafe to magically take visitors through that together with fantastic drinks and food,” Jamie concludes.



106-B Scout Gandia St., Quezon City
0922 805 1688
Facebook: Tweedle Book Cafe
Instagram: @tweedlebookcafe


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