Tsoko Nut Batirol: The 1st Filipino Native Tsokolate Cafe! Must Try Their Tsokolate Drinks and Chocoholic’s Champorado!

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100% pure tablea grown from their cacao farm in Leyte



When in Manila and hankering for something  sweet yet very Pinoy, this next feature of mine will surely knock you off your feet!


Allow me to introduce to  you  a resto which is a personal pick of mine-  Tsoko Nut Batirol!


Tsoko Nut Batirol started its operations in 2004. It caters to enthusiasts of old-fashioned goodness with bits of something contemporary — those who want to see, smell, taste and feel the flavors of traditional treats blended with homey and modern Pinoy ambiance.



I discovered this foodie gem as I was watching late night tv one night way back in 2009.  A guy named Mr Sycip did the talking and it gave me this impression that this is an establishment  which devotes itself in keeping our traditions alive! Their concept was really nice! With all the usual cafes around, having a native Pinoy cafe is truly something very different. The next day, I went to their branch at Robinson’s Galeria and I got swept away when I tasted their rice meals! Their rellenong bangus and embotido transported me way back in time in the arms of my Lola… it was a very emotional moment for me. I also got to taste a lot of their tablea made desserts however, I never got the chance to try their hot tsokolate drink because during that time, my throat was very sensitive to sweet drinks. But today…. today is the day to finally try it!



For this feature, I’ve  invited my partner in crime Frank and a very good friend and avid reader Yani along with her love Julius to share this very special dinner with me. =) I won’t keep you guys waiting!



Tsokolate Ah / Tsokolate Batirol   P78 (regular) / P89 (large) – Once again… I was transported with only a sip! Back in the good old days! This is very very different from the usual chocolate drinks. I just couldn’t put it into words so you just have to really try it!



Kape Barako   P78 (regular) / P89 (large) – Woahh!!! This is what I call Pinoy expresso! This drink will surely keep you awake for days!



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Tsokolate Batirol and Kape Barako



They also have creamy cold thirst quenchers with a very Pinoy touch!



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Tsoko Loco   P99, Iced Banana Batirol   P98 and Pandan Milk Tea   P90



Dalandan Salabat Twist   P150 (good for 4 to 5 persons) – I find this drink  very different from the countless ones I’ve tasted so far because I find it  really light and refreshing not to mention very healthy as well! It gives you that cool fresh feel on your throat as you drink it. I’m a big fan of ginger because of its medicinal properties. It has natural antibiotics to keep your immune system in  tip-top shape!


tsoko nut batirol 28



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meant to be shared!



For that full Pinoy experience, I strongly suggest you partner your Tsokolate drink with these  traditional Pinoy  baked goodies….   Bibingka with Kesong Puti and Itlog na Pula   P85, Ensaymada with Quezo de Bola   P56 and Napoleones   P29



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They also have these ultra sinful mini cakes!!


Tablea Cake (Mini)   P95– Wow! They sure did a great job with this! I’m very picky when it comes to chocolate cakes but I must say this is  different because they used tablea instead of the usual chocolate. The taste was very good but I found it a little dry as compared with their regular choco cake. I heard they are really doing their best to make it more moist because the local tablea holds quite a different component that’s why it isn’t that easy to tame.



tsoko nut batirol 26

 The very Pinoy Tablea Cake



tsoko nut batirol 54




Brownie Cheesecake Bar   P60 – This one was also nice! My guests loved it a lot! Imagine cheesecake on a thick and nutty brownie crust!


tsoko nut batirol 20


Chocolate Cake (Mini)   P88 – Ultra moist! No doubt! Sinful! Wicked!  OOooooohh!


tsoko nut batirol 23




Chocoholic’s Champorado   P75 – Now this one is something which I really recommend! Rarely do I see champorado being offered to the public so I was really surprised to see this on their menu! Champorado I may say is a very underrated Pinoy dish because people see it as very ordinary. When I tasted it…. BOOOM! Knocked out! Ultra thick, creamy, chocolatey! I actually thought it had “pinipig” in it! This is the best champorado I’ve tasted! yeah!



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Now we go to the main courses. One thing I like about Tsoko Nut Batirol is that their prices are sooo affordable! Every Pinoy can definitely afford them! I’d definitely prefer dining here than in the usual commercial fast food chains. Their entrees are composed of special Pinoy dishes… dishes which you see on the table during special occasions because they’re not that easy to prepare (time consuming).



 Spaghetti Aligue   P115– You can definitely taste the Aligue (crab fat)! The taste was well balanced with no overpowering ingredient. The amount of sauce was quite generous as well!   Just make sure you don’t suffer from hypertension if you wanna have this ok?



tsoko nut batirol 34

Spaghetti Aligue



tsoko nut batirol 51



Creamy Pesto Malunggay with Shrimps   P115 – The presence of this dish was very much felt as it filled the whole dining area with its irresistible aroma! And of course, what smells good must taste good! This is the most affordable pesto dish I’ve seen!



tsoko nut batirol 39



Daing na Bangus and Pangat (Laing)   P118“I love Laing, I’m not Lying!” ~ these are words which I often say and occasionally  even post as a facebook stat. It’s really true! Their Laing is very homestyle I believe and I even heard that they’re all imported from Bicol. Each Filipino household has its own Laing recipe so in this case, I believe that this is a very decent traditional Laing dish. The Daing na Bangus however I think wasn’t as crispy as I expected. I believe that if they could make it crispier, it’ll compliment the Laing perfectly. Imagine the smooth consistency of the Laing  plus that  crunch from the fried bangus as you chew it in your mouth! Boooom!!!



tsoko nut batirol 45



Chicken Embutido   P130 – This is what I always order every time I visit because it reminds me of grandma’s special embutido. I would have to admit though that our family recipe is much bigger  and a little different but in terms of taste, this is the closest so far. I love the cheese sauce however, on this particular visit, it wasn’t as thick as before so I told their manager to always check the consistency.


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I believe this review is mainly about honoring our roots and keeping our traditions alive! Personally, another reason why I keep coming back is because the food in this place makes me feel I have a home… even for just a moment.  Traditional Filipino food will always have a special place in my heart!  I believe that no matter how our society may evolve and be modernized with all the technology around us,  I know that there will always be Filipino families (like the Sycip clan) who will always  see to it that our traditions are well preserved for generations to come!



Finally, a cafe every Filipino can call their own! =)



Celebrate traditional Filipino dishes and re-live the good old days at Tsoko Nut Batirol  when in Manila!




Tsoko Nut Batirol

SM Makati (816-4305)

RCBC Plaza (403-1507)

The Eastwood Excelsior (489-4617)

Worldwide Corporate Center (571-3902)

SM Cubao (709-3823)

F@stBytes Alabang (491-5609)

SM City North EDSA (709-6734)

Soho Condominium (661-4716)

email address :  tsoko.nut.batirol@gmail.com


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Tsoko Nut Batirol: The 1st Filipino Native Tsokolate Cafe! Must Try Their Tsokolate Drinks and Chocoholic’s Champorado!