TRYST 2013: In the Hands of Fate




The Ateneo Management Economics Organization (MEcO) – Ateneo de Manila University’s premier investment group and one of its largest student organizations presents Tryst 2013: In the Hands of Fate, 8pm at Palladium Night Club, Makati — a fundraiser that will showcase the glamorous side of advocating financial literacy and responsible investing and the college scene’s most anticipated Valentines’ Day party. Tryst is a long-standing MEcO tradition, annually bringing in hundreds of college students from across the metro to party the night away while supporting MEcO’s Community Development programs. Specifically, proceeds from the party fund our Micro-Investments for Development and Sustainability (MIDAS) Series, which teaches business principles and helpful financial practices to micro-entrepreneurs, and offers strategic consulting services to those aspiring to expand.

This year, a more ambitious team steps up and commits to a Tryst like no other – with audacious programming including beats by Deuce Manila: DJ Kat and DJ Patty, haute couture, and a human auction featuring various prominent personalities. The theme of Tryst 2013: In the Hands of Fate seeks to counter the notion of “bad luck” behind the number 13, embodying instead the romantic ideal of taking fate into your own hands, in the spirit of Valentines’ Day. Gypsy and tarot motifs will add to the event’s sense of mystery, with location design creating a dark yet grand allure.

Tickets are sold at Php250 (pre-selling) and at Php 280 (gate price)

For questions/ticket inquiries. contact – ANDREA DIAZ (09228858871) or FAM ALONTO (09175232669)

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Twitter: @Tryst_2013

TRYST 2013: In the Hands of Fate

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