The Truest Fruit Tea Experience From Taiwan is Now in the Philippines

Love fruit tea? Then get ready because the truest fruit tea experience has arrived in the Philippines all the way from the heart of Taipei! Experience the authentic, thirst-quenching, and overly satisfying fruit tea escapade as TrueWin opens its banner branch today (September 8, 2021) at the 2nd Floor of the SM North EDSA Annex in Quezon City.

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Photo from TrueWin

In a tropical country like the Philippines, the fondness of Filipinos for refreshments is evident through the countless drink options available left and right. This inspired the master franchisers of TrueWin to introduce a stirring fruit tea concept and made them decide to take home the number one and fastest growing fruit tea brand based in Taiwan, which has recently landed in Japan and is soon to arrive in Vietnam.

TrueWin Opening

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TrueWin takes pride in its perfect blend of natural fruit juices and high-grade tea, leveling up the game with its meticulous blend of the oriental concept of Zen and modern-flavorful supremacy; breaking away from the typical syrup-based fruit teas found in the country. TrueWin is more than ready to offer the same fruit tea experience that has taken over Taiwan; its extensive flavors and offerings are expected to be the newest favorites.

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TrueWin’s Ultimate Fruit Tea is not just your average fruit tea. Why? It’s more than just a drink, it’s a flavorful experience. You get a burst of delectable flavors while drinking this special mixture. The fruits unexpectedly blend well together, complementing the unique flavor each has to offer. Plus, it is made with the finest high-grade loose leaf tea, a testament to TrueWin’s commitment to delivering the best quality products in the market.

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Don’t miss the chance to taste the perfection of these premium fruit tea selections: Ultimate Fruit Tea (Oolong / Jasmine), Dragon Fruit Green Tea, Grapefruit Green Tea, Strawberry Green Tea, Kiwi Green Tea, Orange Green Tea, Honeydew Green Tea, Mango Green Tea, Guava Green Tea, and Grape Green Tea – all best enjoyed with Jelly Balls and Fruit Bits for sinkers.

TrueWin Savory Cream Strawberry Green Tea 72dpi

Photo from TrueWin

To enjoy all the amazing flavors TrueWin’s Ultimate Fruit Tea has to offer, make sure you look for the watermelon inside the drink. Poke and stir the drink with your TrueWin straw, and sip the concoction to your heart’s content. Don’t be surprised if you keep coming back for more of TrueWin’s fruity goodness.

TrueWin Ultimate Fruit Tea Savory Cream Cocoa 72dpi

Adding to the excitement is the collection of equally impeccable Cream Savored Drinks: Savory Cream Strong Black Tea, Savory Cream Four Seasons Oolong Tea, Savory Cream Cocoa, Savory Cream Strawberry Green Tea, and Savory Cream Jelly Ball Green Tea Yakult to name a few.

Another must-try is the Milk Tea series: Double Bubble Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Black Milk Tea, Green Milk Tea, Black Milk Tea with Bubble + Herbal Jelly + Pudding, Fresh Milk Strong Black Tea, Fresh Milk Oolong Tea, and Cocoa Fresh Milk.

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Taiwan Tea and Special Drinks lines are also other collections to definitely not miss: Strong Black Tea, Four Seasons Oolong Tea, Lemon Strong Black Tea, Aiyu Lemon Green Tea, Kumquat Lemon Tea, and many more. Sinkers are also available to amp up your drink and the sweetness level can be adjusted according to your preference.

TrueWin Single Bubble Brown Sugar Soufflé 72dpi

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TrueWin completes your Taiwan food trip experience with Japanese Soufflé, a light and puffy treat made with high-grade flour and fresh eggs available in delightful flavors: Brown Sugar Bubble, Marshmallow, and Classic – the best complement to any fruit tea of your choice.

The perfect combination of savory and sweet, the Brown Bubble Sugar Souffle is TrueWin’s bubbly take on the famous Japanese soufflé. Prepared with fresh ingredients and intrinsically timed cooking, this fluffy and jiggly dessert melts in your mouth and is packed with just the right amount of sweetness. You are sure to keep coming back for more.

What’s unique about TrueWin’s Brown Sugar Bubble Soufflé is that you can enjoy it wherever you are. TrueWin packs the product with care and ensures that you get the same picture-perfect yet delicious experience even after the product is delivered to your doorstep. Its Savory Cream is specially formulated to be super creamy without being overpowering, so you can enjoy it to your heart’s content without getting umay. Perfect with TrueWin’s Ultimate Fruit Tea, this delectable dessert can be enjoyed during hot summer afternoons or gloomy rainy days, making it an ideal food choice for the country’s tropical weather.

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy sweet treat that packs the right kind of savory and sweet, look no further than the TrueWin Brown Sugar Bubble Soufflé. It’s the fluffy little sweet escape you never knew you needed in your life.

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Photo from TrueWin

“Filipinos were introduced to enjoying tea more than a decade ago and tea has been long accepted by everyone here,” said the owner of the first TrueWin franchise in the Philippines, and this made them even more motivated to bring TrueWin to a tea-loving country. With its first-rate offerings, TrueWin will take you to an authentic Taiwan food trip experience.

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Photo from TrueWin

The owners envision TrueWin to be available across the country to take Filipinos closer to Taiwan with every sip of its authentic fruit tea, every gobble of the irresistible soufflé, and other delightful offerings. Try them out today!


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